Two Words

Me and Today.  Those, according to one of the fun little quiz apps, are my most used words on Facebook.  Lots of other words find their way in there too, but those are the biggest right near the center.

I am kind of embarrassed about the Me.  I have no way to explain that away.  Sigh.

But the Today,  I am glad to see that one.

Being sick with the bipolar and then with the nausea from a new med, I was reminded that today is important.  I can not guarantee tomorrow, but I can give my best today.  I don’t know what I will be able to do in a week, but I can give my all today; it may not be the same all I gave yesterday or will give tomorrow, but it is what I have.

I can only share, or give, what I have today.

Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Two Words

  1. Me is fine. Me is who you are. You’re allowed to use me because when you do you’re often asking people to reach back out to you.

    Call me – let me know – contact me – come see me.

    It’s you asking others to be there for you. It’s good. Today is beautiful. So is tomorrow. xo

  2. I think it’s phenomenal that you had the “me.” All too often, those of us suffering from mental illness put our needs aside in order to accommodate orders…heck, we even pretend we aren’t sick. Own the “me.” 🙂

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