Almost Done With Week One

I like Weight Watchers, I do.  I like having a  point goal and the personal goal of staying just a point or two below.

It takes extra effort.

Breakfast is pretty simple.  I do an egg in a mug (credit Hungry Girl).  It is 3/4 cup egg substitute, 1 turkey sausage patty, and reduced fat cheese.  I spray the coffee mug with a knock off version of Pam, break up the sausage, microwave 45 seconds, add 3/4 cup substitute, microwave 1:30-2:00, sprinkle with cheese, microwave 30 seconds.  Let cool.  It is so yummy and very, very filling for 3 smart points.

Lunch is a salad, with or without tuna, and raspberry walnut vinaigrette, for 5 smart points.

2016-01-05 13.14.19


I have done a lot more for cooking dinners this week than I am used to.  I cook most days but this is requiring recipes and cutting and chopping of veggies and measuring.  So far hubby has liked the cabbage rolls sautee, rice and beans dish and Fagioli soup.  He has even been taking the leftovers to work for lunch.

2016-01-05 18.07.21

I have been sprinkling in lots of fruits and veggies between meals and making sure I have 5 points left at the end of the day for my cup of hot cocoa (5 smart points).

So far it is working–I think.  I guess we will find out at weigh in Monday night.

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Almost Done With Week One

  1. I am so proud of you. Keep it up sweetie. I know you can do this.

  2. I’m glad it’s working for you, Charity!!

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