I Ignored the Household Chores

I have to admit my girls watch too much tv.  The dumb bipolar and associated meds make me so tired it is often hard to get up the gumption to do anything after schoolwork is done.

But something has to change, so Tuesday Caitlyn, Patrice, and I played a couple hands of Uno.

2016-02-16 20.08.49 2016-02-16 20.12.01

Tonight our game of choice was Tripoley.

2016-02-17 19.50.04

Patrice kicked our butts.

Sue was the entertainment of the evening when her “Jam” ¬†Tootie Frootie came on

2016-02-17 19.53.05

Thank you girls for a couple of nights mama will definitely remember.

And now I am cleaning the kitchen…sigh.

Survive til you Thrive!

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