Laughing and Learning

It is beautiful outside right now.  The weather is beautiful, the laughs and giggles are beautiful.  And the learning is beautiful.

Patrice is having some trouble learning sight words so I am trying to incorporate some new methods…one involves a beach ball with some of her words written on it–when you catch the ball you have to read whatever word your right hand is closest too.
2016-09-20 10.51.23 2016-09-20 10.51.49


2016-09-20 10.52.29

2016-09-20 08.40.37

I also sported some handmade bling for the sight word of the day, which you might have guessed is THE.  Patrice also wrote the word of the day on the whiteboard.  We’ve been having some trouble with the word the because Patrice finds it boring and she doesn’t like to read boring words–so I decided to jazz things up around here!!

2016-09-20 10.56.30

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Laughing and Learning

  1. You’re a good mama Charity. Those are really great ideas. C had a hard time with reading and we tried a slew of things. From water balloon tosses to water boat races. You do anything to make it fun. You’re doing a good job!

    • I am not sure what happened, but something clicked. She is now the queen of sounding things out. Yesterday was rough and I couldn’t figure out why until she pipes up,”I can snap my toes…” ah, we are not paying attention today…at all!!!

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