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Yup, I am a broken record.  I keep coming back here to talk about depression.  It has so many facets and is impossible to really explain, but I keep trying.  Today, depression is a Ball canning jar and a bottle … Continue reading

Depression Doesn’t…

Depression doesn’t follow the rules. It doesn’t stay away when our kids are around and need us happy.  It doesn’t stay away when the weather is nice and it seems everyone else is enjoying the sun. Depression doesn’t always look … Continue reading

Perfectionism Post Postpartum Depression

*I am not intending to give any medical advice, I am simple musing on my own experience. My baby is 2 years old.  My battle with depression is 2 years old.  One is really cute; the other one not so … Continue reading

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Support

This page is undergoing some reconstruction…     Postpartum Progress   Please let me know if you have benefitted from other resources I should list here.

My Identity, My Depression

I was recently chatting with someone and they mentioned sometimes they don’t feel like thinking about their postpartum depression. I know that feeling.  Over the last year, there have been many times that I felt like it was all I … Continue reading

The Depths

Eight years ago I was in a fight for my life.  Postpartum depression, anxiety, and psychosis had taken hold of me after Patrice was born. It is much too easy to remember the desperation of those days…being busy with the … Continue reading

I Feel Like Crap

I feel like crap…and that’s pretty much a good thing. You see, when I am in the depths of depression or heights of mania, I don’t really notice the side effects from my meds and am resigned to whatever health … Continue reading

Seven Years and I’m Still Here

I love the change of seasons here.  It is probably my favorite thing about Michigan.  It is nice to always have a different feel to look forward to…and with it a change in scenery.  And fall does scenery the best!! … Continue reading

Roza bil Halib

Roza bil halib.  Rice in milk.  Simple, yet lovely.  It is an Arabic dish a dear friend of mine shared with me.  The closest dish to compare it to in the American diet is rice pudding.  Roza bil halib is not quite … Continue reading

There’s No End

Today it is fall.  That may not be true later this week when temperatures go up again, but for today…it is fall. And life is busy.  Always on the go.  The kids have a ton of activities.  Hubby and I … Continue reading