About My Blog

My blog started as a fun way to share family activities and memories.

Then I added sharing about my pregnancy with our third baby.

I have shared bit and pieces of my journey with Multiple Sclerois (8 years in remission).

And after Patrice arrived, I added sharing my journey with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, which has now morphed into bipolar disorder II.

As of this last fall, I have added our homeschooling adventures after we brought Caitlyn and Sue home from the public school for their education.

I hope you enjoy checking out our journey as we walk together as a family growing in Christ.

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Nominted as a Top 25 Cirlce of Mom Postpartum Depression Blogs.

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  1. So happy to meet you yesterday at one of my 31 parties and thanks for sharing your blog address with me. I have spent a bit of time here this morning and really appreciate the heart and soul you have invested in sharing with others. Keep it up – you are making a difference and that is the best gift we can give others.

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