About My Blog

My blog started as a fun way to share family activities and memories.

Then I added sharing about my pregnancy with our third baby.

I have shared bit and pieces of my journey with Multiple Sclerois (8 years in remission).

And after Patrice arrived, I added sharing my journey with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, which has now morphed into bipolar disorder II.

As of this last fall, I have added our homeschooling adventures after we brought Caitlyn and Sue home from the public school for their education.

I hope you enjoy checking out our journey as we walk together as a family growing in Christ.

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Nominted as a Top 25 Cirlce of Mom Postpartum Depression Blogs.

7 Responses to About My Blog

  1. So happy to meet you yesterday at one of my 31 parties and thanks for sharing your blog address with me. I have spent a bit of time here this morning and really appreciate the heart and soul you have invested in sharing with others. Keep it up – you are making a difference and that is the best gift we can give others.

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    Hope you are doing well!

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  3. Hi Charity,
    My name is Kristen, Casting Producer for a new television docu-series working with families dealing with mental health disorders

    The project is trying to find women who are struggling with Bipolar and/or self-harm disorders, and women struggling with postpartum depression who openly post online about what they are going through. Bottom line, we are trying to figure out where to find families and individuals that need help now. I personally know someone that has actually been turned away from an organization while in the middle of a breakdown, so I know there are people out there that are lost and not sure where to turn for help. Our show will offer them free assistance and document their experience so others that are faced with similar experiences don’t feel alone.

    I wanted to see if this is something that you would be interested in being a part of. Or if you are aren’t an appropriate fit, maybe you know someone else who wants to tell their story and needs the help. I would love the chance to talk with you further about the project.


  4. Wow. I just discovered your blog a few days ago from something off of Project Semicolon. You have put into words my feelings that I have found so hard to explain. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with postpartum depression which has left me with bipolar. I haven’t met anybody with that same experience. Thank you for sharing. I don’t feel quite so alone.

    • Welcome! Sorry I am just getting to your comment now, I have been dealing with a long bout of depression. AI hope you find something here to help you along your journey.

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