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Lovely Weekend

I had a truly lovely weekend. I got to meet two wonderful mamas I “met” months ago via #ppdchat. Yesterday my family and @sarahbeec met up mid way between our respective homes. To say it was a great first experience meeting an on-line friend in real life is an understatement. Our kids played great and our hubbies got along. I can’t wait for our next visit!

Then today I met up with @momgosomething. We had a wonderful time walking and talking. I hit on the everyday stuff, the hard stuff and a fair amount in between. I hugged her a ton of times and could have a ton more. We ended the visit with me gushing over how good scrambled eggs are when made with fat free half and half. And she didn’t look at me like I had just grown a third head. Looking forward to a long friendship!

Add to that, buying and comfortably, as I type, wearing a single digit size of jeans and life felt good this weekend. I had a few moments that reminded me how fleeting the good times can be, but I set some boundaries, protected myself a bit and came out able to say “Life feels good.”

Thank you @Sarahbeec and @momgosomething for being a huge part of that.

Don’t forget y’all that March 15 is

Please let me know if you would be willing to put my carnival button and short post together on your blog to get as many mamas, or women, as we are all the pride of a mother whether we have children or not, involved as possible. I would greatly appreciate it.

An Idea–Mother’s Pride Carnival

Yesterday a twitter friend tweeted that she had two controversial blog posts brewing in her mind, but she wasn’t sure about writing them.  I jokingly said, well don’t write about me being a perfect parent, you don’t need that controversy.

We laughed, but an idea was born.  An idea to have a blog carnival that celebrates what we do as mothers.

Mothers are good at pointing out what we don’t do.  Where we struggle.  We often feel like we have to defend ourselves.

I think that should change.

And not just at Mother’s Day, much more often.  So here comes the Mother’s Pride Blog Carnival.

I envision once a month hosting a blog carnival where we write about what we do–whether it is a craft, a recipe, a parenting decision–no mattter the topic, the point is to be proud of what we do, no defending allowed, just pride.

So, mark your calendar for March 15th!  That is my mom’s birthday and I think it would be a great day to CELEBRATE!!!

We’ll start that day and continue monthly on the 15th.  Will you get ready to celebrate with me?  Start thinking about what you want to take pride in on March 15th!