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A Deal to Share

I follow a couple deal websites, my current favorite being Crazy Coupon Mommy.  She sends out great stuff!  She has found deals for just about everything.  Pampers gift to grow codes (thank you mommy, I got a bunch off your master list this weekend), on-line deal websites, like Groupon where I also got some great deals this weekend thanks to Crazy Coupon Mommy and info on how to match up coupons with current deals at stores to get even more savings, like matching up a diaper coupon with the store who has them on the best sale.  She really is amazing, I don’t know where she finds them all.  And today I have found one to share with you…drumroll please…

Snapfish is offering 365 free prints if you purchase $10 in products by November 20, 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.  The catch is, you have to order all 365 prints (4×6 size) when you make your $10 purchase.  To get the deal use coupon code 2010MY365 at checkout.  If you don’t need that many you can choose 100 prints (code 2010MY100) or 50 prints (2010MY50).

This is an awesome deal for scrapbookers.  I’m scheming for some things I can do with that number of prints…hmmmm…I’ve got the girls ABC books to fill, maybe this year we could do our Christmas card as a 4×6.  So many things to think about between now and November 20th!

What can you do with a deal like this?  What pictures do you have tucked away in the digital world that need to come forth to have and to hold?  Let me know if you can use this deal and how it worked out for you.  Did you have all 365, 100, or 50?

I think this one needs to be printed

And most likely this one too!