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The First Step

The first step feels good.  The second step feels a little crazy.  I wonder what I was thinking.  How far will I make it.  I reduce my goal for today.  I just don’t think I am going to make it.  Then I start to think about making it to the end of this street.  Next up to the traffic light.  On to a light 1/2 a mile away. 

As I go, my thoughts and feelings change.  I start noticing the scenery around me.  Praying for friends and situations.  Slowly I realize my legs are no longer burning and my lungs are not gasping for the energy to go on.  And I begin moving my goal further out.  No longer, will I make it another step, rather, can I go to the next goal.  My feet no longer fight moving, instead they echo a refrain, “Thank you Lord for each step I take.  Thank you for the doctors who believed in a better day for me.  Thank you.” 

Ten years ago I was in a wheelchair and on high doses of steroids just to keep functioning.  The Multiple Sclerosis was interrupting more days than not.  I began to resign myself to always being sick, always being dependent on medications that made me sicker even as they helped my body function.  I didn’t dream of running.  I dreamt of a day where I didn’t struggle to get from beginning to end.

The Lord used a brilliant doctor, some decent medications and the hormones of childbearing to bring me a healing I had decided was unlikely to be mine until I saw Him in Glory.  Today and every day I endeavor to thank the Lord for the renewed strength my body has with my words, thoughts and deeds.  Those thoughts and deeds are never as present as when I am running. 

May I never stop thinking and thanking the Lord for His gift to myself and my family.  I pray I am always like the one leper who came back and thanked Christ for healing him.  I pray I use every opportunity to tell the reason for the hope I have been given.

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