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A Friends Giveaway!

Do you ever feel cool just for knowing someone cool?  I do.  And today I am pretty excited to tell you about  my cool friends.  I went to college with Aaron Zenz‘ wife and also lived near them when they were a newly married couple.  So that makes me cool, because they are cool. 

Aaron is an amazing artist and author.  His first authored and illustrated book was the The HiccupotamusIt is very cute.  I have a copy and have given several copies to others.  It is so cute and so giftable.

And now he his coming out with another book that he wrote and illustrated, Chuckling Ducklings.

Here is just one of the adorable illustrations

 He is celebrating the release of his book with a very generous give away.  Please check it out!  Then you’ll be cool too!

A Fit and Fab Giveaway from Worthy of the Prize Ministries

I was doing some blog hopping today to tell some bloggy friends about this award I gave them.  And I found this giveaway.

As you know I have been trying various things to keep myself mentally and physically fit.  I have been running and doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  I have also been doing a twitter project reading a chapter of Proverbs every day to match the date.  I was wondering if there are other ways to blend my physical health with my spiritual health.  Worthy of the Prize Ministries has figured it out! 

See what they are giving away here and check out their site here.

Purple Cauliflower, Kidlet Funnies and Turtles

I am getting back into the swing of things.  I am working on coming out of a turtle time in life…you know, those times you just don’t want to communicate as much as you normally do.  And I am coming out just in time to enjoy Indian Summer.  It is supposed to be 65 degrees today.  If Sue would get dressed, we would be outside right now, but she doesn’t seem interested.

While hanging out in my shell, I made a couple photo books of my girls.  I got a great deal on one from Shutterfly, so I made one for me to take to work when I go back.  Then Snapfish had a great deal, buy 1, get 2 free; I made one for me and two of my family members will get one for Christmas.  I love Snapfish.  They ship super quick and I love the option of pre-buying my photo prints.  Do you have a favorite photo website?

Here is one photo that made it into both photo books.  Way too cute to leave out!

The girls and I went shopping the other day.  I had a gift card and coupon for Macy’s.  They had a great sale and the jeans that fit me, so off we went.  I got a shirt and jeans for under $25 at Macy’s.  Yup, you read that right!  Anyway, as we were leaving, Caitlyn said, “I thought you were going to take us to JC Moneys!”  Can you guess the moneys are kids get the most often–pennies!!!!  See how that worked in a 4 year olds brain?

Yesterday I was starting a sewing project.  Caitlyn was visiting with me as I pinned out the pattern. 
She says, “I wish you could sew something for Patrice and the three boys.” 
“What 3 boys?” I asked.
“The 3 brothers I want,” she said.
“Umm, 3 at once?”
“Well babies usually come 1 at a time, sometimes 2, but not very often 3.”
“Oh.  Well I prayed and asked Jesus for them.”
“Umm, sometimes Jesus says yes, sometimes He says no, sometimes He says wait.”
Caitlyn is quiet for a short minute…then…
“I asked Jesus and He said Yes!”
Mama is thinking she needs to ask Jesus about this…

The other day the girls and I went to our local Farmers Market.  I have lived here over 6 years now and just went this weekend.  Yes, I know it is the end of the season, but ours is open year round and I did get some yummies.  My midwife passed on her mom’s acorn squash recipe.  It was yummy.  I had never had, nor cooked it before.  It was yummy, I also got a sweet dumpling squash (daughter loved it, mama and daddy, not so much).  And if you are wondering, purple cauliflower turns the water purple when you steam it.  It tastes great.  Tonight we are going to have acorn squash soup.  Wish me luck with that recipe.

I have a burning question…why will my daughter listen to what someone else tells her, but when daddy or I tell her something, it takes a million tellings to sink in?  Remember this post about Caitlyn’s first trip to the dentist?  At that visit, the hygentist told her not to eat sticky candy, like fruit chewies.  The child has not touched them since, not even once.  And she often asks me if the dentist said she can eat something or not. How do they have so much power and where do I get it?  Caitlyn went for her latest check up last week.  All is well!

So do you love my new website colors and design?  My wonderful friend, Lori over at Dollyoutfitters did the lovely makeover.  To celebrate, I am going to host my very first giveaway soon…be watching for my blog post about sewing…

A great giveaway on another blog

I found through someone else’s blog, this fun food blog called  She shows beautiful pictures of food she makes.  Sometimes with the recipe and sometimes without, but always breathtaking pictures.

She is currently hosting a giveaway for a great food scale that tells you the nutritional breakdown of the food.  You should check out this giveaway.  Click here to puruse the giveaway and enter if you wish.

My pictures will not be as lovely as hers, but I am thinking of making a blueberry pie today.  IF I do and IF it turns out, I will come back and put up some pictures for you.  While you are waiting for those pictures, check out these cuties…

First we picked the pumpkins (10/5/10)

Have fun!

A Children’s Book Giveaway on Another Blog

I found this contest through a post on facebook by the Creation Museum.  Our family has not had a chance to visit the Creation Museum, but one of my siblings has and LOVES it.

A new book by Ken Ham, Charlie and Trike, In the Grand Canyon Adventure sounds really fun and educational, what more could you ask for???

Check out the review and giveaway over on the blog, Reviews and Reflections.

Now I am off to hold Patrice some more!!!!

A giveaway over at An Ordinary Mom

Check this out…a cool ProFlowers giveaway on a great blog!!!!  I have used ProFlowers for sending flowers, but never for baskets.  My experience with ProFlowers has been very positive.  I like to use a local florist, but sometimes on-line is the way to go.  Jump over here to check out her review of the tea basket and see how easy it is to enter!!!!

Good luck and enjoy!

A giveaway on Cap Creations for my friend at dollyoutfitters

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Cap Creations is doing a giveaway of a lovely purse from Dolly Outfitters.  You can check out the giveaway on Cap Creations.  But you can check out lots of info on the purses here

There are lots of ways for you to enter the giveaway by heading over to

Make sure to check out the lovely jewelry on Cap Creations while you are over there!  And you can check out even more lovely items from Dolly Outfitters by heading over to their website.