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It Might Be Hope, from PPD to Joy!

I am so excited to be guest blogging over at PPD to Joy. Won’t you check it out?

I shared this song previously but decided today was a good day to revisit it.  My journey with Postpartum Depression has been anything but easy.  Has left   me feeling like a yo-yo as I have a good day and then will turn right around and feel like I am back in the doldrums. But thankfully those good days help me have hope during the rough ones. So I am able to say more often “It Might Be Hope.”

I have also met up with a great group of fellow mamas that know this PPD road I am on. They are strong amazing women. Some who are still in the depths, others have found the other side. Yael is one of those women who has found the other side, and has made it her mission to help other women as they journey with PPD. She has a fantastic site full of amazing resources, as well as a monthly support call women can join. It is truly awe inspiring. I invite you to not only head over there to check out her amazing writing and journey, but also to check out my guest post on her blog! That’s right, today I am sharing another facet of my PPD journey on Yael’s blog. Please head on over, explore her blog and let me know what you think of my PPD musings.