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Parenting–Take 2

Yes, I know I have three kids, so we’ve been doing this parenting thing for awhile (6 years to be exact), but we are now trying to learn new methods and philosophies.  It’s not that easy!

One minute I will apply the Love and Logic methods beautifully, the next I will turn around and blow it.  Like this morning, I gave Patrice a choice and she chose a fit which gets her a visit to her room.  It worked beautifully.  When given the choice a second time, she complied perfectly.  Then a few minutes later, she did something and I yelled at her.  She didn’t learn anything except mommy gets mad.  Like she didn’t already know that.


I have to tell you about a win with Love and Logic.  A big part of the parenting method is giving kids choices, teaching them responsibility and ownership of their decisions within safe boundaries.  One of the big reasons I am studying any of this and trying to apply it is because of the battle meals were becoming with Sue.  So one night I decided to try some of what I had been reading. 

I said, “Sue, would you like one piece of chicken or two (chunks)?” 

She said, “4”. 

I said, “would you like 3 or 4?”

She said “4”.  So I gave her 4, knowing she would eat 1-2. 

A bit into the 2nd piece she said, “do I have to eat all this?” 

Me–“how many pieces of chicken did you ask for?”


“How many do you need to eat?”


We had the conversation a couple times, but she ate all 4 pieces without a battle, bribery or anger.  It was beautiful!!!!

But learning something new is hard.  Applying something new is even harder.  My kids learn so much more easily than I do.  And I know they will thrive under Love and Logic–mama just needs to get the hang of it!