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Random Thoughts

I’m really at a loss as to what to think.

I am pleased with the state of Texas’s decision to restrict abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Life is precious.


I just don’t see how anyone can argue that.

And that brings me to the recent Zimmerman trial. He was found not guilty after shooting a young boy, Trayvon. I don’t know the whole story. What I have heard leaves me so confused, it was self defense, it was murder. I don’t know. I do know there are a lot of people angry and hurting.

For them, I pray. And hold my girls tight.


A Day of Tears iPPP

Yesterday was a day of tears.  Happy and Sad.  What a mix.

Early in the morning Patrice and I went to Caitlyn’s school to read to her class and hear Caitlyn read to them as well.

She did AMAZING!!!  She read Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You?

IMG_20130306_1(This is from going to the library, but you get the picture, my girl is a reader!)

I was so proud.  It took all I had to hold back my tears until I got to the car.  I then called daddy and cried to him about how proud I was.

Later in the day, I was putting away laundry (I know, enough to reduce anyone to tears).  Patrice’s drawers were full to overflowing, so I started sorting.  And taking out the onesies.  Now that she is potty trained, they are kind of a moot point, huh?

And later in the day, I cried.  I had removed one of the last vestiges of babyhood from her room.  My last baby, well, isn’t a baby.  And my heart cracked.  Into pieces.  I cried as I waited to pick my older girls up from school.  I cried as I rocked Patrice to sleep.  I cry now, as I type, and she grabs at me and says uppy! (and now I type one handed and wonder how this paragraph got in italics and how to get it out)

I love my girls.  And I love them as they grow, but I really love the baby years…and now they are gone…

IMG_20130301_12She wanted to wear her packback like her sisters the other day.  As she walked away,  my heart climbed in that bag and went with her.

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I Leave You With

Not that kind of leaving. I just mean that I want to share something on my blog but thanks to Patrices’ CROUP, I’m a little tired and my brain is a little addled. So I thought you would enjoy a picture or two.

107 Fun

The temperature topped out at 107 degrees (sorry Canadian friends, I don’t know what that translates to, except pickin’ hot).  So what did my family decide to do…go to the park, of course.

My husband and daughters biked to it.  I was not feeling well due to lack of sleep so I drove.

There are two playscapes at the park.  We spent time at both.

Here are some pictures I got of Caitlyn and Sue on the tire swing.

And one with Patrice.

And Patrice climbing

So what summer fun have you had?

Proud of Her

I was afraid of everything as a kid.  Especially of getting hurt.  So I didn’t do a lot of things.  I didn’t even try.

This is one area I am glad to say Caitlyn is NOT like her mommy.  She tries and conquers things all the time.  And I am so proud.

Patrice also has no fear, though I had a lady at the park try to tell me how to treat her. Sigh.

Such a brave cutie

Footprint Butterflies

I cannot wait to share this with you.  It is one of the first things I pinned on pinterest and last night hubby and I made them!



We used watercolor paints and paper. Wet paper before applying paint. Hubby painted each toe different but you could do all one color. Put feet, one at a time, on the paper so they are facing out from each other to make the wings, paint in body, head and antenae. Write in child’s name and year, frame. Please note you will need two people to do a young toddler, Patrice cried as the paintbrush tickled her feet; she kept kicking hubby so I had to hold one foot back.

My heart is absolutely bursting at the joy of having these.

Crazy Amounts of Cuteness

Sooooo Cute!!!!!




Sorry for the fuzzy one, but I just could not resist!!!!

When the Mitten is Unseasonably Warm

I don’t normally post twice in one day…but hey, since the post I did earlier is probably a repeat and it is my blog…

This winter has been so mild here in the mitten and just odd.  Tuesday it was 21 degrees, Friday it was 55 degrees!

Today was 40+, so what do Michiganders do when it is warm…get outside!!!

we took the tree to the park for recycling

Then Caitlyn got in some fun (don’t tell Sue who slept through it all)

Out with the Old, In with the New

Okay, here is another one of those posts…I wanted to do pictures, but can’t figure out how to get them from the back up drive…I know, first world problems.  But I have included a few pictures I love…

In 2011, I ran further than I ever thought I could (10 miles at once).

Struggled harder with mental health issues than I thought possible.

Loved having three little girls to the moon and back.

Worked harder as a parent and employee than I ever imagined.

Wondered when the days would get easier.

Counted my blessings often.

Relied on friends, both in real life, and in social media more than ever.

Discovered new facets to my personality.

Found old hurts still fester.

Tasted sweet, sweet joy.

I am linking up with Robin at Farewell Stranger.

A Million Times Over

As many of you know, I have really been struggling with the depression issues that started after Patrice was born.  The battle has been intense and is not over.  I am pursuing a new doctor and follow up on some other health issues that may contribute.

In the meantime, I am fighting for my girls.  I am fighting for all of them.  They are worth every moment of the fight.  And while, the beginning of my issues coincided with Patrice’s birth, believe me when I say I would go through this a million times over for just one moment with her.