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Saturday Snapshots–Bunches of Random

Please also pray for my friend Ali and her family.

Weight Loss Wednesday and a recipe with photos (ippp)

I am trying to better balance motherhood and working full-time outside the home.  My hubby carries so much of the load, with being the first one home from work and just being his wonderful self, that I wanted to figure out how to help.  Enter my crockpot.  I have been scouring for recipes that will work for the family and my weight watchers diet. 

Recently I did a crockpot recipe search on pinterest and found this website. And decided to try this recipe for Sue’s birthday dinner.

Here is the ingredient list I came up with:

1 jar reduced fat pasta sauce
8 ozs. italian style shredded cheese mix
1 pound lasagna noodles
3 cups fat free cottage cheese
1 lb cooked, 93% lean ground beef
1 can mushrooms stems and pieces

Brown meet with spices in a frying pan, drain fat, stir in pasta sauce, simmer for a few minutes (don’t rinse or throw away pasta sauce jar).

Put some meat mixture on the bottom of your crockpot, then a layer of noodles (they will have to be broken up to fit in), then a layer of cottage cheese, mushrooms, and a layer of cheese, repeat.  The original recipe calls for adding fun veggies, broccoli, spinach, etc., but I forgot or didn’t have them on hand.

taken with my phone camera 🙂

Cook in crockpot for 4.5-5 hours on high.  About 30 minutes before it is done, cook up a few extra noodles on the stove, layer those on top of lasagna at the end of cooking to tie it all together.

It makes a lot.  About 8 servings, and comes out to 10-11 weight watchers points plus per serving. 

I liked it, hubby liked it (has been taking the leftovers to work) and the babies even liked it!  It is higher in points values than I normally eat for dinner, but I budgeted through the day so I could have some for my sweet girls’ birthday dinner.

They are, after all, why I am working so hard on my health; my weight, my exercise and my cholesterol.  I want them to grow up knowing good choices are a natural part of life.  That exercise is something to plan, look forward to and enjoy.  I am looking forward to those results for myself, but as I watch my girls, I get drive to continue when I might quit otherwise.

But, I am going to take a bit of Alicia’s advice, and remember, the laundry, dirty dishes, messy rooms, will always be there, so I will take the time I need right now to exercise and make wise eating choices.

*Weight watchers update, I lost another 1.2 lbs, for a 3 week total of 4.8 lbs.

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iPhone Photo Phun

iPPP and Works for Me Wednesday with a bottom twist

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a project.  Kind of a big one…rehabing 15 of my pocket style cloth diapers.  I was blessed enough to have a friend give me her stash of cloth diapers to use with Patrice.  I have added a few items, but it kept nagging at me that there were a lot more of them that I was not using because the elastic was stretched out and they tended to leak.

I follow a lot of cloth diaperers on twitter, so I started asking questions about rehabing them.  One person clued me in that Cotton Babies, the makers of Bumgenius, sell a refreshing kit that includes new elastic, pre-cut, and new aplix (velcro), also pre-cut, for $1 a packet and they don’t charge shipping!!!!

Another mama friend sent me a Youtube link for a video of someone fixing their diapers.  I watched it many times.

Finally, I started ripping out the stitches to get at where I needed to put in the new elastic.  It was torture.  I didn’t have a clue where to start.  I got so frustrated.  I broke a seam ripper.  I called a seamstress friend to see if I could hire her to do it.  Chickened out from asking her.  Kept at it.  Picked a different diaper to try…Bingo!

Got one opened up.  Then to sew.  That part only took 10 minutes.  And I had a wonderfully snug fitting diaper.

Over the last few weeks I have continued to rip out stitches.  Friday night I got all of them opened up.  Saturday I actually got a couple sewn.

Here is how it went down:

Turn diaper inside out.  Look closely at your diaper to see if there is a spot where the elastic is exposed.  Those are the easiest ones to work with.

See the loope of elastic sticking out? 

You rip out a few stitches at each end of the wasteband elastic.  Maybe an inch or two at each end.

 Then rip out an inch or two of stitching at each end of the leg gussets.  When all is said and done, you will have exposed elastic at 6 places in the diaper.

 Snip off old elastic where you started exposing it.  Then sew the new elastic on to the diaper where the old is showing or started.  Pin the unsewn end of the new elastic to the cut end of the old.  Go to the opposite end of that gusset, pull on the old.  It will pull the new in and through.  Make sure it goes in flat and doesn’t twist.

 Cut old elastic off, sew new elastic on.  Repeat on other side.  Sew seams shut.  Try not to sew the elastic as that will reduce it’s stretchiness.

 Next, turn diaper right side out.  Rip stitched out of old elastic side tabs.  Sew one of each of the sides of elastic to it’s “partner”.  Just sew the rounded part, leave the bottom open so you can sandwhich the diaper itself.  Finish sewing the tab onto the diaper.  Sew the square laundry tabs over the old ones.  The new ones are bigger and the old ones are SOOOO sewn on, just covering them is your best bet.

Look at your beautifully rehabed diaper!

See Patrice sporting her rehabed diaper?  You should see the proud mama!!!
*this picture was taken with my phone 🙂

iPhone Photo Phun

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Halloween Fun

iPhone Photo Phun

Pre kids I swore I was not going to celebrate Halloween.  If I ever had a family, we would go out to dinner and ignore it otherwise.  Then I had kids.  And dressing them up was so fun and they were so cute…I caved.  We don’t dress up as witches because witches don’t love Jesus, and we do not celebrate the spiritual side of the holiday at all.   We dress up and we go trick or treating.  And we hand out candy.  This year we put John 3:16, For God so Loved the World He Gave His One and Only Son that Whoever Believes in Him will not Perish but have Eternal Life on full-size kit kat bars.  I pray this starts dialogue in some of the homes.

Without further ado, here is some of our cuteness from this year…

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Just Under the Wire–Handiwork Photos

iPhone Photo Phun

My phone keeps telling me it’s full and that I need to switch memory, but I don’t know how.  Yes, I have the manual.  I’ve been carrying it around with me for a week so I can look up how to change my memory.  Some day I’ll get it opened and then another day I’ll actually read it.  For now, I’m a little light on phone pictures, but I do have one for this week…

This is hubby’s handiwork. 

So my hubby is very handy and practical.  He and Caitlyn were having trouble with their shoes coming unglued…so he glued them last night.  This is what I saw after “surgery.”

Both declared their shoes well this morning and wore them for the day.  Hubby said tonight, “it worked!”

More of daddy’s handiwork

Patrice’s handiwork which will cause daddy to make a bookshelf at work tomorrow

Some of God’s handiwork.

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What handiwork have you seen lately?

Running in Beauty

iPhone Photo Phun
I went running tonight.  To one of my very favorite places.  It is an amazing park.  Breathtaking.  It is a place my hubby introduced me to last fall.  And what a gift it has been.  We went there a lot last fall.  It was one place I felt refreshed, free, safe as the postpartum depression and anxiety ravaged my mind and heart.  Hubby joked if I ever disappeared that’s where he would look for me.  He would be right.
It was a true joy to be there tonight, running physically, but not running from myself.  As fall hit over the last few weeks, I have struggled with some of the crushing feelings of last year coming back.  But thankfully, it has lightened the last week.  Tonight I just got to soak in the feel of running in a beautiful place.  At one point I was just feet from a deer that I startled; I got to see it sprint away from me.
Thank you Lord for the gifts of the beautiful weather, lovely colored leaves, being able to run, soaking it all in.
What is your healing place, where can you go to enjoy some moments of peace and quiet, places of beauty?

Goodbye Disposable Hello Cloth

Phone Photo Fun

iPhone Photo Phun
Nope, I did not switch to an iPhone, but a twitter note I saw said any phone photos qualify…
This one is an oldie but a goodie…A ride on Sandy!
Caitlyn on her first day in her new class

The skirt mama made

Patrice in her first cart ride!

Our Week in Photos

I think I would have had a week with virtually no pictures of my girls if it weren’t for
Thanks for the reminder An Ordinary Mom.  They grow too fast to miss taking photos.
Here’s some of the fun we had this week

Our friend Logan’s Birthday party

Was so much fun!

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Sometimes There’s No Theme–Saturday Snapshots

I love the idea from An Ordinary Mom for having a day to blog pictures.  Sometimes I have a theme, but some days, I just have random cuteness.  This is one of those days!  Feast your eyes and then head over to see what others are showcasing.
Found a couple more costumes at a mom2mom sale!
Stuie reading the Word!  Talented dog, huh?
What a perfect bunch of grapes.  It seemed worthy of a photo!
Breaking me of sucking my thumb will drive my parents crazy one day…
But right now I’m so cute when I find my thumb buddy!
Yup, those are froggies on my feet

Sweet Girls for Saturday Snapshots

She’s showing off her nail polish

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