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Pop Zip Zing Crashlings

Disclaimer:  I was provided a 10 pack of Crashlings free-of-charge for the purposes of reviewing them.  All opinions are my own.

2014-07-10 10.06.30

We have an age old argument in our house of girls.  As you know, I have three daughters, ages 7, 6, and 3.  And they are girly girls.  We buy them toys that are marketed to boys and girls, hoping they will find fun in both.

So far, we’ve failed.  The remote control Jeep was tossed aside.  Stuffed ‘Mater dolls don’t get much love, they even turn up their noses quite a bit at Legos and Lincoln Logs.

But I persevere.

Today, I introduced them to Crashlings, a new toy by Wicked Cool Toys that blasted on to the scenes this last spring marketed primarily to boys.  These little 1 inch collectible figures come packed with rubber flex meteorites  that can blast over 5 feet in the air.

2014-07-10 10.09.57 2014-07-10 10.02.37

“They’re fun,” said Caitlyn, “but they’d be better if they were lala loopsies or something.”

Apparently, I have yet to win her over to things not pink, purple and princess, but she sure did play with them for a while.

She popped the meteorites, she and Sue lined up the aliens and played guess which one is gone, where one would close her eyes while the other hid one, then let the other open her eyes and guess which of the little dudes were no longer in line.

2014-07-10 10.10.44 2014-07-10 10.03.40 2014-07-10 09.54.00

“I like the pop up ones,” Sue said.

Crashlings are marketed to children 5 and up.

Sue, my petite 6 year old, had a little harder time getting the rubber meteorites to pop.  I tried and it did involve a little bit of force and moving out of the way quickly. Patrice, age 3, could not get them to launch at all, but as you can see above, she is not in the target age range.

2014-07-10 10.01.30 2014-07-10 10.02.26

Overall, the girls liked the toy itself, just would have liked a different theme a bit better.  I was a little confused on how exactly to play with them.  I kept trying to put an alien on top of the meteorites to launch them, but they didn’t balance on there, so I am guessing that is not part of the original design.

We have a little boy birthday coming up in a couple months and I will keep Crashlings in mind as a gift.  These Aliens come in 5 different breeds, aliens, insects, underwater dinosaurs and monsters.  They are sold in single packs, four packs and 10 packs, playsets and a space ship with prices ranging from $1.99 to $19.99 and can be found at Toys R Us and on Amazon.

2014-07-10 10.07.33


Did You Know? (Time4Learning Review)

We homeschool?  Turns out, we do.  As you have read, we started homeschooling Caitlyn (2nd grade) and Sue (1st grade) last September.

It has been going well.  I started with an all-inclusive on-line program for the girls, but quickly found, it wasn’t for us.  I did not like the the amount of time they were spending in front of the computer, with limited interaction otherwise.  I found my girls skill levels did not match with the material set for each day–some of it was too easy, some was too hard.  It was nice having everything set out for me.  I didn’t have to think or plan, we just had to click the next link, but the trade-off wasn’t worth it to me.

Now, our homeschool mix is extremely eclectic.  Some is hands-on, some is purchased curriculum and some is on-line.  It changes daily.  I get most of my material from homeschool pinterest boards and blogs.  I like it, but it is a lot of work.

2014-03-26 11.10.38

I’ve seen many on-line programs touted by other homeschoolers, one being Time4Learning.  This program includes Math, Language Arts, Language Arts Extension, Science and Social Studies.  I was curious, but not interested in spending the money to get it if it was going to be of no use to us.  Time4Learning is available for a per student, low monthly price.  My patience paid off a month ago when Time4Learning offered one month free for all household users in exchange for an independent blog review.

So here goes–my first homeschool product review.  Drumroll please!!!!!

I had both girls use it exclusively for a week.

I liked the look of it.  It was cute and appealing to the girls.  The animations are very simple, but they get the job done.  The material was very appropriate for Sue’s skill set.

“It was easy.  It was kind of hard, not really,” was Caitlyn’s non-committal appraisal in typical 2nd grader fashion.

But I knew within a day, this on-line program was not for us.  Once again, it was too much screen time.  Both girls got bored with the computer time before they were half done for the day.  It was, like the other program we tried, too easy for Caitlyn.  The program does allow the students to access two grade levels, sometimes three, in an area. but personally, if I am going to be tailoring lessons to that extent, I’d rather do so on my own, not in a computer program.

We trudged forward for that week. I wanted to give it a chance,  but from there on, Caitlyn had no interest in it whatsoever.

Sue used it most days, but only for the language arts.  It was definitely an asset for her in the phonics area.  They presented many of the rules in ways that were easy for both of us to remember. If you could purchase usage just for specific subjects, I would strongly consider the language arts for Sue.

For now, I enjoyed the opportunity to check out Time4Learning, and am very aware it might be an excellent fit for some homeschoolers, but our program will continue as it is, with much less screen time and more interaction with each other and our subjects.

Time4Learning also has a new high school program available for $30/month per student.

Disclosure:  I was invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. I did use the on-line program, Time4Learning for one month as part of our homeschool curriculum at no charge to me.  I was, by no other means compensated. My opinions are entirely my own. Time4Learning can be used as a homeschool curriculum, afternoon or summer enrichment.

What a Year–looking back

A year ago right now I was dealing with horrible, horrible morning sickness (worth every second) and praying every day all woudl be well with baby. I must say I never imagined our biggest concern with her during the pregnancy would be breech presentation. Wow, all the ups and downs with that, baby is breech, baby is not breech, breech again, head down again. But even in that there were blessings. We found a great chiropractor who has helped myself, hubby and Sue. I am so thankful for that. So happy.

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