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Lacing Up My Shoes

So recently, for Mothers Day, Caitlyn made an acrostic of attributes for me using the word Mother.  R was for runner.  That means I should get running again, huh?!

Tonight I was crawling it out on the treadmill.  I got 1.4 miles logged.  Part way through that, while I was helping Patrice go potty, a tweet came through about logging 10 miles of exercise this week in honor of a little boy who will not get to celebrate his 10th birthday with his mama this coming Tuesday.

Another great reason to get moving.  Here goes…



Please hug your little ones tighter, check out Jana’s blog, and consider joining me as I do #10ForCharlie.

Loss of a Friend

Is it possible to make a friend by reading a book they wrote?  I believe so.  I believe Annette Funicello became a friend of mine when I read her book, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.  I didn’t relate to her fame or fortune obviously,  but I related to her battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

I read her book in 1994 a few years after I was diagnosed at the age of 15.  It felt so good to read her words and to find someone who understood.  Someone who was bringing light to a disease that was often hidden and misunderstood.

I battled MS many, many years.  I did many of the injectable medications, 15 hospital stays in 3 years and 2 years of IV steroids in a freestanding clinic.

In that time I finished high school, put myself through college, spent a couple years on the mission field, met and got engaged to a miserable jerk, thankfully got dumped, met a great guy and got married.

Then suddenly I received the golden ticket of MS.  I went into spontaneous remission.  We started a family.  I have been in remission now for almost 7 years.

My girls don’t know a mama in a wheelchair.  They don’t know a mama sick from powerful steroids and medications.  They know a mama that can play with them. They know a mama who is getting back to running.  They know a mama who was greatly inspired by Annette Funicello.  She gave their mama hope when she needed it.  She let a young girl know she was not alone with this crummy disease.

I have cried so much since I saw the tweet about Annette passing away Monday at the age of 70 from complications of the MS.  I don’t know what to do to honor my friend, but there must be something.  Some way,  I can join the many who will seek to honor her in any number of fashions.  I don’t know what that will look like, but know, my friend, you will not be forgotten.IMG_20130409_3My Patrice wearing her Disney jacket (she, at age 2, is in no way interested in standing still for a picture)


Running Like Crazy


I know it has been quiet here on the blog…

As you may know from twitter and facebook, I have been running, and crunching and pushing up and biking and insanitying like crazy.  All in the name of a fitness challenge…I know I keep talking about it.  I love it,  but man, it is taking up a lot of time lately.  Thankfully my dear hubby is very supportive of my fitness work.  He has done most of the parenting and family stuff so I can run, ride, crunch, all of it.  Only 2 1/2 more days. 

300 crunches, 5 miles running and 72 minutes other activity (Insanity workout) to go…It is a crazy balmy day for the first day of winter here in the mitten so I am even hoping to get outside to run tonight.  I don’t prefer running in the dark, but I don’t want to miss the chance to be able to say I ran outside in the mitten the week of Christmas.

So please bear with me for a few more days as all I talk about is working out…

I promise I will share pictures of our Christmas tree, as soon as we get a computer up and running at home…

Merry Christmas!

Dark and Quiet–243-249, Multitude Mondays

I know the blog has been a little quiet lately, and the posts I do share, a little dark, but that has been life lately.  I have been quiet, except to beg for help as the depression and I go another round. 
Last Thursday I reached a level of despondancy I have not known in many months.  I cried like I haven’t cried in a long time.  And that brought an eery calm.
Have you ever been afraid of the calm and the quiet?  It is a scary place to be. 
But the Lord is not leaving me there.  He has brought so many to walk with me.  He will give me strength I do not have in order to continue to fight this demon of depression.  Thursday I will head to a new doctor, actually a team of doctors.  I am scared.  I am scared of the questionaire, I am scared of sharing my story again.  I am scared of trying another therapy and having it not work.  And yet, I will walk.  I will walk when I would rather hide.  I will speak out when I would rather be quiet.  I will fight for my girls.  I will show them mama loves them enough to go another round with the doctors and depression.
And I will be thankful:
243.  the love and support of my hubby.  He posted this comment, under my name, on my blog last Saturday–
“Right now my Honey is running a 10k. As I will not really understand her bad days and is hard for me to FIX IT because I am MR. FIX IT ya know. All I can say is I Thank the Lord for you and am in WONDER as I watch you DOWN one moment, then crawling out of the hole to run a 10k or do laundry or get yourself out of bed to start another day. Sweetheart I might not understand but thank you for telling me when you are stuggling so I can pray FOR the Lords help because HE is more powerful than any dark hole. I will listen to HIM as HE gives me what I need to support you through….. LIKE A HUG!!!! (sorry) As I said I do not understand BUT I love you and am so proud of you!!! NOW run girl like you have never run before. Good job Luvy!!!!”

244.  The ability to run.  6.2 miles.  I was not the fastest by any means, but I ran every step.

245.  The swans I saw flying overhead as I ran.

246.  The Christmas music the residents of Holly played for the runners as we made our way through the race.

247.  The continued support of so many who love me, even when I am not lovable.

248.  The wonderful Christmas pictures we did as a family on Saturday.
249.  Running with a friend.

Running in Beauty

iPhone Photo Phun
I went running tonight.  To one of my very favorite places.  It is an amazing park.  Breathtaking.  It is a place my hubby introduced me to last fall.  And what a gift it has been.  We went there a lot last fall.  It was one place I felt refreshed, free, safe as the postpartum depression and anxiety ravaged my mind and heart.  Hubby joked if I ever disappeared that’s where he would look for me.  He would be right.
It was a true joy to be there tonight, running physically, but not running from myself.  As fall hit over the last few weeks, I have struggled with some of the crushing feelings of last year coming back.  But thankfully, it has lightened the last week.  Tonight I just got to soak in the feel of running in a beautiful place.  At one point I was just feet from a deer that I startled; I got to see it sprint away from me. 
Thank you Lord for the gifts of the beautiful weather, lovely colored leaves, being able to run, soaking it all in.

What is your healing place, where can you go to enjoy some moments of peace and quiet, places of beauty?

Goodbye Disposable Hello Cloth

Actual Bridge Run Results

Ahhh, the day after has arrived. I survived my race yesterday across the Mackinaw Bridge. 
I ran from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. 
I was reminded again what a beautiful state we live in!!!

 The first 1/2 is uphill.  It is a gradual hill, but it is definitely up!
 Watching the sunrise over the lake was AMAZING
That blur is the finish line…and there were people in front of me, but they don’t really show here…
I finished in 57 minutes and 13 seconds.  My pace was 13:04 per mile and I finished 242 out of 247.  I knew I passed at 3 people, but there were actually 5 behind me!!!  That is amazing. 
1,077.48 miles were run by the whole group.
41 minutes 23 seconds was the average finishing time.
142,639 calories were burned in that one event.
I must admit, I have never been so sore as I was afterward, but I did it.  I ran every step.  That was my longest race and I did it!!!!  In the allowed time!  And my three girls and marvelous hubby got to see me come across.
All of this is from a woman who 10 years ago was in and out of a wheelchair, was told at one point the doctors didn’t know when she would walk again.
Glory to God for His mercy on my life.
*pictures were taken with my cell phone as I ran, sorry they are blurry and just think how fast I could have run without those pictures, but wasn’t it worth those extra seconds to be able to see them??

Running Away

So today is the big day!  The race I talked about here, is TODAY!

5:30 am begins the adventure.  I have to board a bus to go across the bridge to the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Then to run 4 1/2 miles to the other side…

Here’s hoping I can do it in the allowed time!

I’ll pop in later with pictures!

Thankful on a Thursday for Running

As I have mentioned, once or twice, or a thousand times, I fell in love with running between Sue and Patrice’s births.  And while expecting Patrice, I was worried I wouldn’t get one-on-one time with the new baby.  I began yearning for a jogging stroller.  But have your priced those puppies?  Wowzers.  Definitely something to register for when you are having your first baby so either a group can go in on it or over excited grandparents can invest in it for you.

I did not have such option.  So I began searching for used.  And found a great one.  Then I wondered if I would get my use out of it.  Sure, I could now take Patrice with me, but I still had those two other little girls…  Well, if I haven’t mentioned it, my hubby rocks.  He often sends me out for a run.  The first time I headed out with Patrice in the stroller, I was pretty sure this was NOT going to work.  I made it maybe a mile.  And I was toast.

But I have kept at it.  And can now do three miles with her in there.  And as bumpy as it is, she almost always falls asleep.  Lately, life has been really busy.  Patrice and I have not gotten out there.  But tonight, I was determined.  So while the aforementioned wonderful hubby did bedtime routine with the other two, she and I literally snuck out.

It has been 10 days since we last ran, so we weren’t after distance, we probably did 2 miles, and some of those inches hurt!  But we did it.  And we feel great.

I am so thankful for my running, my husband who supports it so much, and the time to be with my little Patrice.

What’s Working For Me Weight Loss Wednesday

Time for some honesty here.  This week’s Weight Loss Wednesday is about what is working for us.  What is working for me?  Nothing, because I have quit trying. 
I am back to work after an unexpected medical leave.  I didn’t do much diet wise while off for 4 weeks.  I was off some medications and was losing weight no problem.  But now I am back to work, 5 full days in the office for the first time in almost 5 years.  And the first two weeks were the busiest of my work year.  It involves lots of hours, lots of business meals, lots of stress.  So, except for running on the weekend, I quit trying.
But things are getting back to normal, so I am trying to do better.  I want to get back to no sweets.  And running a few times a week.  That seems to work  best for me. 
Plus I have the challenge of running a state landmark on Labor Day.  It is 5 miles and I have to be able to run a 12 minute mile.  So training in earnest needs to begin.
Won’t you please challenge me to get back in the game?

Going to Try Something New on Labor Day for Try Something New Thursday

Have I mentioned I like to run?  Well I do.  A lot.  I like thinking about running.  I like those first steps that hurt and are really hard.  I like that minute where you realize it is not hurting.  I love that feeling that I could run forever.  And I really love realizing how far I have gone when I am done with a run.

I love running 5k races too.  It is such a sense of accomplishment to beat my previous race time.  Last December I ran my second 5k race ever.  Patrice was only 18 weeks old when I ran it.  I was slow.  But so proud to be back out there running.  I had run very little during my pregnancy and was afraid I would not get back into it.  But I did.  And that race happened to be a Governor’s endorsed race.  Not all are but there are a number of them throughout the year that have been given that distinction.

Turns out if you run in one of those you can put your name in for a random lottery to run the 5 miles across the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor Day.  On a whim, I put my name in.  Turns out I am one of 400 people randomly selected to run the bridge on Labor Day.  I am so excited!!!!

The challenge is…I have to be able to run the 5 miles in 60 minutes.  I have only run that distance a handful of times and never that fast…so the next 3 months will be spent working on my time and distance.  Wish me luck as I work to prepare for a big Try Something New on Labor Day!!!  Here is more about the Mackinaw Bridge Race.

What have you tried, or are you going to try?  Link up and share.