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Jump, Jump Fun

We had a great time at a birthday party last week.  It was at Bounce U.
Caitlyn was extremely outgoing and played with the other kids though most of them were several years older than her.  Sue was a little more cautious and chose to bounce alone quite a bit.  I think the weight of having the others bouncing around her was unsettling.  She is only 26 lbs at almost 4 years old.  Caitlyn, by about 45 minutes into it, said she was tired…I say that’s not a bad thing!

Please head over to Ali’s and see how you can pray for her family.

Read A Book Time for Saturday Snapshots

*Please hop over and see how you can pray for my friend Ali.

Saturday Snapshots–Camping Edition

We spent the holiday weekend camping, Up North, way Up North, in Mackinaw City, at the top of the Lower Peninsula.

Hubby and I haven’t been there since he proposed a little over 7 years ago…This trip was definitely different.

We were pulling a camper, went later in the summer and, oh yeah, had three little girls with us!  Our three little girls!

This is a live statue.  The girls want to know how he gets the paint off his body…

The beach, Lake Huron, was CHILLY

Nummy, nummy, nummy

hanging out in the park where daddy proposed to mommy 7 years ago

Both trips to Mackinaw, today and 7 years ago, were magical!

Waiting for mama to finish her race

Please continue to pray for my friend Ali

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Saturday Snapshot Fun

Look at me climb!

Yeah, I’m cute

Getting a story read with our cousin

Hi Praying Mantis

Recent storm damage made daddy Mr. Lumberjack

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Wanted to Share…

I am not sure if Ali will host Saturday Snapshots today.  She has an awful lot on her plate right now (won’t you go over and see how the Lord would have you pray for them) but I have a few photos I wanted to share.  Then, to be perfectly honest, I am going to go back to cuddling my almost 1 year old baby!  Unless she falls asleep, then maybe I’ll go be productive…there are green beans to pick, laundry to fold…who am I kidding…I am hoping the baby wants to be held!

And yet, she won’t let us turn off the light in her room at night

I think Caitlyn looks fantastic in browns and dark yellows.  IMHO

Yes, Patrice is fast asleep on the hardwood floors. 

Have You Noticed for Saturday Snapshots

I needed a picture of Patrice and I for a piece I wrote this week for the Academy of Certified Nurse Midwives.  It sounds like they want to use some of what I wrote for promotional materials about midwifery.  In case you didn’t know, I love my midwife and believe strongly women should be educated about the value, safety, and benefits of midwife care.  I am praying they use my words to help do just that.  But, back to the picture.  I realized I have VERY few pictures of me with any of my girls.  I am not that fond of pictures of myself, but I don’t want to not have photos of me with my girls.  So this week we took a bunch of Patrice and I.  Here are a couple.

Note to self–take the time to do your hair

it looks scary if you don’t

2nd note to self, friend takes better pictures than hubby

In other photo worthy moments,we, and by that I mean hubby, is getting the rental house ready for our new tenants.  I do the paperwork and reference checking, he does all the rest.  But today he had some help…

So anyway, back to the “Have You Noticed…that you have lots of pictures of your kids with each other, alone, with other family members but few with yourself?  I for one am going to try and rectify that a little…

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A Late Saturday Snapshots

The girls and I headed to the county fair today.  It was a long, full day, but lots of fun.  I am totally bummed to say I did not get very many pictures, my camera battery died soon after we arrived.

But here are some recent photos of our life.

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Summer Fun for this Saturday Snapshots

I have pictures of each of my girls playing with this toy!

Don’t you think she should get an advertising contract?

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Patrice Smiles for Saturday Snapshopts

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Third Times a Charm for Saturday Snapshots

This was before our camping trip, but too cute to miss!

Sue with one of her cousins on our camping trip

Daddy and Caitlyn on a paddle boat ride

That blur is Caitlyn running along the beach

Sue didn’t want to swim, then she did, then she didn’t…

It was our third camping trip this summer and we FINALLY got a nice sunny trip with no rain!!!

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