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What Will We Find–Try Something New Thursday

We have been kicking around an idea for a while.  We’ve been thinking about it but we weren’t sure how brave we were or what we would find.  And I thought it would be a long project that would take days to complete.  But Saturday I had lots of nervous energy that hubby decided to capitalize on…so we plunged in…and found…

Hardwood floors.  Beautiful hardwood floors is what we found under the carpet in our living room and hallway.  We used my nervous energy to try something very new for me, we removed the carpet in all but the bedrooms.

My hubby is amazing.  There is not a project he is afraid to undertake and he isn’t afraid to let me try new things too.  He has pulled up carpet and refinished wood floors before.  I definitely have not.  I don’t know anyone else in my life that would even think of letting or having me help with such a project. 

It was awesome.  It was awesome doing such a project with my hubby and felt really awesome to have him believe in my ability to do it! 

We are thrilled with what wonderful shape the floors are in.  It was actually a very easy project.  I thought it would take days; who knew we could finish it between Patrice’s nursings?!

I saw this one and just had to add it, isn’t it about the sweetest thing you ever saw?

Caitlyn and Sue helped.  They got out quite a few nails and staples.

I am demolition mommy!

Done just in time to feed Miss Patrice

Stuie is not so sure he likes the look of things now.

What have you tried new lately?  What has someone believed you could do?  Link up and share.

Feel Like a Creative Mama for Try Something New Thursday

This last weekend there was a mom-to-mom sale I really wanted to go to.  It was raining.  I was home with all three kids.  But I still wanted to go.  So we braved the nasty weather and the insanity of taking them to a busy, busy place.  They did great.  They listened so well!!!!! 

We found some clothes for Patrice and Caitlyn at the sale; Sue really doesn’t need anything.  But she did score a cute construction hat a lady gave her (she does look darn cute in it!) and some fun dress up costumes.  And I found some things that make me feel like a fun, creative mama.  I brought home 4 cute kid craft and cooking books.

Once we got home, and the kitchen cleaned and lunch eaten, we set out to do our first craft from one of the books, The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions by John E. Thomas and Danita Pagel  There are tons of great things in there.  I am going to be unstoppable once we get some glue and tempera paints!

Our first project from the book was Wacky Watercolors.

3 Tablespoons baking soda
3 Tablespoons cornstarch
3 Tablespoons white vinegar
1 1/2 Teaspoons light corn syrup
Food Coloring

See instructions in with pictures.

Check out our results:

Mix all ingredients, excepthe food coloring

Smile for the camera

mix some more

Pour mixture into jar lids or egg carton wells

add food coloring and stir

Stir until “concoction” feels easier to mix.

commence painting

add a cute baby for extra enjoyment

Valentine Cakes for Try Something New Thursday

Linking up with the Inspired Housewife


I find blogging inspiration in lots of places. This week I saw a TV commercial and became obsessed with making what I saw there. Here are our creations.
(Daddy got involved this week as only daddy can)

washing dishes so we can get to decorating our cakes
Frosting, check
chocolate candies, check
more frosting, double check
chocolate candies, yes please!
One of our finished products

What have you tried lately?  Do you have any fun ideas for Valentines Day?

Link up and show off your projects?

Spaghetti and Meatballs for Try Something New Thursday

I found this fun recipe on Awana At Home and who could resist Spaghetti and Meatballs Cupcakes???  I sure couldn’t!  I even called hubby to have him pick up some ingredients, and then went back to the store when I couldn’t find the cupcake liners!  I was serious about this project.  Serious enough to keep my kids up an hour past bedtime to make them!

Totally Worth It!

Look at the fun we had!

Excellent instructions are available at Awana At Home but here is my version.

Make 1 dozen white cupcakes according to package directions.
Let Cool.
Mix yellow food coloring and cocoa into a tub of white frosting, adding until frosting is spaghetti color.
Put frosting in a decorator bag with a small round opening or in a sandwhich bag, cutting one corner off.
Squeeze frosting in lines on top of cupcakes.
Put malted milk balls on top as your meatballs.
Warm strawberry jam in microwave so it is liquidy and pourable
Drizzle over cupcake.
Grate white chocolate over your creation so it looks like parmesan cheese.
Eat and ENJOY!

What new projects have you tried?  Were they fun?  Were they a flop?  I would love to have you link up and show off your handiwork.

A Merciful Link

I have previously talked about this ministry that I have fallen in love with.  They have been doing lots of creative fundraising to get the home funded.  On the third of the month they ask people consider a donation of just $3.  They have an Etsy shop

Tomorrow they are doing an on-line silent auction.  You can preview some of the items here.

Please check it out.  You won’t  be sorry.

Made a Dress from a PDF pattern for Try Something New Thursday

I have recently fallen in love with this blog.  And I remember the night I read about their family adventure they were inviting all of us to join.  And I kind of understood what Elizabeth experienced when she saw her cousin Mary “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the unborn baby inside her jumped and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit,”  Luke 1:41, New Century Version.  Now I am not claiming Miss Patrice lept as I read the post, but I was expecting at the time and I did feel something in me leap and say, “let me help, let me help.”

I was a little hesitant to get involved with something I heard about on the internet, but that didn’t stop my heart from responding as they shared what the Lord was calling their family to do, and I knew the Lord was calling me to join in. 

Next month I will begin asking you to join in with me.  I have volunteered to be a point person to collect obstetric/birthing supplies for Mercy House.  Please let me know if you have any contacts that could help with items such as Medical supplies-gauze, band ages, Latex gloves, Clamps for baby’s umbilical cord or string, Polythene draper –clean pads for delivery, vitamins, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, tylenol, etc.

In the meantime, I made a tunic style dress.  This will go to the home for one of the girls to wear during her pregnancy.  You all have joined me in my sewing journey, so you know my skills are somewhat limited, but I try.  And with each project I learn something.  With this project I learned the fabric amount listed was about half of what was actually needed.  Then, three times, I learned to rip out stitches in order to make the elastic lay flat in the collar.  It kept getting twisted right at the end of pulling it through, ugggghhh.  And I learned, the author of the pattern should get a proofreader.  The patten is full of typos, but that is neither here nor there. 

Here are some of the steps in my project:

What new things are you trying? Join my blog hop and let me know!

Candy Cane Cookies–Saturday Snapshots

These candy cane cookies have always been my favorite cookie.  I love them.  They are very mild tasting.  I just love them. 

They are orignally from my mom’s Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  That book has been so used and loved that pages are falling out, are taped together and all over.  Maybe your family would like them too.

I always double the recipe!  Here is the size batch I make:

1 cup margarine, softened
1 cup shortening
2 cups confectioners sugar
2 eggs
3 teaspoon almond extract
2 teaspoon vanilla
5 cups flour
2 teaspoon salt
red food coloring

granulated sugar
crushed candy canes

Heat oven to 375 degrees Farenheit.  Mix together butter, shortening, confectioners sugar, vanilla and almond extract.  Blend in dry ingredients.  Divide dough in half.  Color one have red, using enough for desired shade of red.

Shape 1 teaspoon dough from each color into separate ropes, twist together into candy cane shape.  Complete cookies one at a time, place on ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake 9 minutes or until set and lightly brown, very lightly brown.  sprinkle with sugar and candy cane mixture

Should make 8 dozen cookies, but never does 🙂

And now head over to An Ordinary Mom to see what other pictures have been taken this week!

Ring Advent Calendar–WFMW

We are starting to get the question, “when is it going to be Christmas?  When is it going to be Christmas?”  So I hunted up an advent calendar someone had given us.  It’s cute, but it is all about the Santa and fantasy aspects of Christmas.  Not really my goal for an advent calendar.

So what to do?

I remembered reading over at MckMama’s blog where she made a pair chain for her kids when counting down to her youngest’ birth.  And that sounded like a good idea. I decided to do something like that for my girls.  Yesterday I sat down and for the first time in decades. I made a paper link chain.  Then I got to thinking about the Bible reading I have been doing.  A few of us on twitter have started reading a Proverb a day along with reading Luke at our own pace (you can follow along #SONlight). 

A thought came.  To marry the two.

I decided to write verses on the chain links.  Here are the verses I chose:

Luke 1:28-30
Matthew 1:20
Luke 1:31
Matthew 2:5
Luke 2:6-7
Matthew 2:10-11
Luke 2:28-29
Matthew 2:15
Luke 2:49
Luke 2:11-12
Matthew 2:1
John 3:16

Each night we are taking one link off and reading the reference.  There are a lot more you could use, but those were some verses I selected.  Maybe this will get us started on a family devotion of some sort.

Here is our little chain

Now I am going to head over to We Are That Family and see what works for other people.

Another Cooking Project as We Try Something New

I have a College friend I reconnected with on Facebook.  She often posts about various cooking projects.  They all sound fantabulous!  Then I found she has a blog, Spare Time Baker where she shares some of her wonderful recipes.  Well when she posted Cookie Dough Truffles that she had found on another site, I had to try them with the girls.  So today, we did.

Plastic bags double as pastry gloves…

We’ll see if we actually get them covered in chocolate.  Trust me, they are yummy just as they are!

Hers are much prettier, but the girls had fun “helping” me “shape” the truffles.

100th Post and My Sue’s Birthday

Today, my funny, smart, cute, charming daughter Sue turns 3.  Wow.  It seems like yesterday we were living her birth story.  But no, yesterday we were putting up Christmas lights and going Black Friday shopping…

And the day before that we were celebrating Sue’s birthday with family at our Thanksgiving Day feast.  I have mentioned before, at least once, how wonderful my hubby is.  And as great as a husband he is, he is an even better daddy.  And he really showed off with Sue’s cake. 

The girls have been watching a lot of Dinosaur Train on tv, so somehow Sue decided she wanted a dinosaur cake.  Daddy was teasing our friend, who makes wonderful cakes, that it needed to be 3D.  Turns out he got to make it a reality.  A quick internet search showed him how to make the cake…and the rest had to be caught in pictures…

Yup, this masterpiece was finished up in our laundry room.

Didn’t want the Birthday girl to see the creation!

Have you ever seen something so cool?  I can promise you, nothing you have ever seen was done with more love than this cake was by this special little girls wonderful daddy.
And in honor of my 100th blogpost, I will randomly select one commenter from this post to receive a CD of wonderful, basic sewing patterns.  Comments can be made either directly on this post, on the facebook post for this blog entry or in reply to the twitter for this post.