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Sunday Sillies with Sue

Our heart and prayers are with those who worked to save lives or lost loved ones 10 years ago when terrorists struck at our homeland.

Life around here gets very sweet and silly.  Last week Sue had a night where she really turned on the charm.  She and Caitlyn went to bed.  Caitlyn fell right to sleep.  Kindergarten is a lot of work, you know.  But Sue had a nap that day and she wasn’t very tired.

This had happened a few weeks ago, and daddy told her to “count sheep.”  So this time, we heard a little noise coming from their room.  Hubby crept to their door.  He got to hear Sue, “97, 98, 53…it’s not working.”  Again, “97, 98, 53…it’s not working.”  We were so tempted to go in and get her and just let her cuddle on the couch with us.  As I went to bed I told hubby, “if you get her up I wouldn’t blame you at all.”  I don’t know how he resisted the temptation.

During the whole bedtime process that night she had said, “I’m going to sleep with you mommy and daddy.”  No, you’re not, we said several times.

After a few hours of sleeping, Patrice woke up…and who did I find in our bed at 2:30 am?  Yup, Sue.  She said she was going to sleep with us…

I fed Patrice, and she was sleepy, so I put her back in her bed.  She started to cry.  I thought maybe she would fall asleep…as she cried, Sue said, “sing her your song mommy.”  When I didn’t start singing, Sue did.  “Go to sleep.  Jesus loves you.  Go to sleep, Jesus loves you.”  It was such a precious moment, I was kind of ok losing sleep because of my two youngsters wakefulness!

*I hope you enjoy this collection of pictures of Sue from 2011.  I have so many but these seem to really embody my beautiful 2nd born!

Oh the things they say…

Some recent random conversations in our house…

Upon me commenting on our bathroom “why does it smell like pee?”  Sue responded “because I pee in it!”

Playing at one of our area parks on 9/13/10

Sue coming out of nap one day “I eat fish at my church.”  (Umm, no we don’t…guess she means goldfish crackers.) Why that thought came up as she walked out of her room after nap, no idea!

Caitlyn was asking me a million questions the other night, as 4 year olds do, and I was a bit tired of it.  So I said, “Caitlyn, why are you asking so many questions?”  She paused, looked at me and said, “well why not?”  I laughed, agreed she was right, why not ask questions, and answered what she wanted to know!

Neither of the older girls like potato salad.  They’ve tried it.  They don’t like it.  So this week decided at lunch they wanted some.  They had changed their minds several times on what they did or did not want.  I reminded them they didn’t like potato salad.  They insisted they did, so I got it out of the fridge.  They took one look and both said, “you’re right, I don’t like potato salad.”

Waiting to ride the pony at Aunt Susan’s house

I realized this week I chipped a tooth while giving birth to Patrice.  During my other two labors, I remember saying to myself, “don’t grit your teeth while pushing, you’ll chip a tooth.”  Well if you’ve read Patrice’s birth story, you might remember that she was pushed out kind of in a hurry.  It was a bit intense and I didn’t have time to think about my teeth.  Guess I’ll be paying for that oversight at the dentist.  A facebook friend suggested Patrice needed a nickname…and that “chipper” might be appropriate.  I am still laughing about that.
Also this week, Caitlyn got sent to her room for going outside with out asking mommy first.  She got really mad when sent to her room and started crying.  A bit later she was allowed to come out.  She showed up in this princess dress. 
I said, “let me take your picture.  Brush the hair out of your eyes please.” 
“Okay,” she said, “let me wipe the water out of my eyes too.”
 “Why do you have water in your eyes?”
“Because I was crying when I got sent to my room.” 
Silly mama.

Sue wanted some attention the other day.  Patrice was crying.  Sue told me, “I don’t want a baby anymore.”  “Well, she’s here, ” I said.  To which Sue replied, “put her back in your belly.”  (Uhhh, there is no return route or policy, she is here to stay.)
My three girls, 9/13/10

Sue came up to my belly the other day, patted it like she did most of my pregnancy and said, “I like your baby.”  I told her, “the baby isn’t in my belly anymore, she is in the swing.”  Not to be deterred, Sue said, “I like the next baby that will be in your belly.”

Along the same lines, Caitlyn told me the other day, “next time you can have two babies.”  Personally, I’m not so sure about that, I hear twins are a lot of work…

Recently, my hubby took the older girls to the park.  An older gentleman there asked Caitlyn what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Typical to her, she told him, “a Barbie and a rock star.”  Apparently he did not appreciate the fantasy of a 4 year old.  He told her she couldn’t be those, she should want to be a doctor.  About a week later she was talking to me while I changed Patrice.  She told me, “I still don’t want to be a doctor.”  I guess she’ll show him…it will be all his fault if she grows up to be a rock star!

And before I forget to share it, by the week Patrice was due, I was getting anxious for her to come.  I may have mentioned that here at home…one of the Sunday School teachers asked Caitlyn when the baby was supposed to come to which she responded, “I don’t know, but mommy just wants it to get out!”  Okay, maybe I mentioned it here at home, a lot!!!!!

Thank you Lord for these beautiful children who bring us so many joys and smiles!

Another Day of Random Thoughts and Kid Quotes

When we introduced the idea of another baby to Caitlyn and Sue, we got them the Bearenstain Bears, New Baby book.  In it, Sister Bear punches Brother Bear in the nose the first time he meets his new little sister.  Apparently this idea stuck with Caitlyn.  The other day she leaned against my ever growing pregnant belly to give me a hug, then pulled away and said, “The baby punched me!”

Caitlyn also declared, to Sue, at some point during the day, “You are just the cutest thing!”

Sue, on the other hand, had this to say to Caitlyn, “I can share with you, but not very well.  Not very well.”
At least her self assessment is pretty accurate!

Sue is sometimes a stinker.  One of her newest found joys is to drive her older sister crazy.  Caitlyn is, for the most part, a very careful rule follower.  She takes them to heart and then takes on the responsibility of reminding people of the rules when they break them, and particularly, telling mommy when Sue breaks them.  One such rule is we do not say stupid and we do not say shut up.  Sue glories in breaking these rules.

One day a week or so ago, I found Sue standing in front of an open window that faces the driveway.  There were no people in our driveway, and the neighbors were not even home. But she is standing there saying, “[s]tupid, tupid, tupid, tupid, tupid” over and over.  I smiled and walked away (she did not know I was there or I would have corrected it).  She continued until Caitlyn came in the room.  She stopped as Caitlyn yelled, “Sue is saying stupid out the window to the driveway!”  I smiled again as I went on folding laundry.

Yesterday we went to a festival about 3 hours from our house.  It is one we have been wanting to go to for a few years, but it never worked out.  I know my days of comfortably doing all day outings are getting numbered as I reach the third trimester tomorrow (yay!), so off we went.  The morning started off raining here and at our destination, but it cleared up over there and was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

We saw lots of flowers–Caitlyn wanted to smell all of them, but tulips don’t really have a smell.
 And we played in the “jump jumps.”
And met “Hat the Cat” (doesn’t Caitlyn look thrilled?).  Sue loved it.  She had to go back to give him high five and cried when we did not go back a 3rd time!
Then we met up with some friends at the beach.  The very cold beach.  It is not quite beach weather here yet.  Oh well, they didn’t seem to mind and it was GREAT visiting our friends.

Daddy and the girls built a sand castle, while mama tried not to freeze. 

We drove back very late last night!  Due to the weather, and concerns over me overdoing it, we did not do the MS walk today.  We will wait on that until after the baby is born.  September 11 is the date, so if you were wanting to donate using my link under important links, there is lots of time for you to help me out!  And incidently, the walk we will do is back in the same town where we visited the beach yesterday!!!!

Silly and serious–this mama’s sweet and sour

My girls are 3 1/2 and 2.  Parenting these ages can be a little intense at times.  With constant words and thoughts from them, constant requests for milk and stories and games and help in the potty, just to name a few.  This age can get to you.  I think at one point or another every mom with kids these ages has felt just a little done, a little too stretched.

Saturday was one of those days for me.  As you may have seen in other posts this week, we have been sick with colds and Caitlyn’s has required extra breathing treatments and all of us have had a little less sleep than normal. And, while he is rarely gone, my dear hubby was not here on Saturday.  Not only did I miss his help, I missed HIM.  We have been married 5 years and I still miss him when he is gone.  I still count the hours until he gets home.

Add to that all the times the girls wanted something and some pregnancy hormones (which this time are making me an emotional lunatic) and finding out hubby is not coming home as soon as I hoped, and this mama felt drained and started to cry and started to take it out on my kids…and then a look from Caitlyn stopped me short. 

She wanted something, who knows what, and I just wanted a minute without someone in my face.  I told her to just go play, just go play by herself.  As she started to walk away, I caught this heartbroken look on her face…and it absolutely stopped me. 

That look made me think of a blog by MckMama about how she stays calm when everything is crazy.  She talked about how even when the kids need a million things she reminds herself that when her kids are grown, she’s gonna miss this stage, the intense young child stage, and it rang so true with me. 

There is a country song along the same lines, I think it is called, “you’re gonna miss this.”  It starts with a teenager who is anxious to grow up and her mama tells her that some day she is going to miss this…and then the girl is young and married anxious for kids and a house and her daddy tells her, you’re gonna miss this, and then she is a mom with young kids, and the plumber reminds her someday, you’re gonna miss this.

I often need both of these reminders and decided they were so important, I wanted it in my brain all the time.  Toward that end, recently I typed the phrase, “you’re gonna miss this” on little pieces of paper and hung them all over my house.

So I have those reminders and then that look on Caitlyn’s face.  Right now the girls want mama and daddy all the time.  It will not always be this way.  They will, as they are supposed to, get more independent.  And need us, if not less, just differently than they do now.  And I will miss it.  So, while I might still want to have a pity party for myself or think I need a break, really I just need an attitude adjustment (isn’t that another country song??). 

So in the middle of thinking, why can’t I just get a minute of peace to do laundry, I stopped and listened to the funny thing that Caitlyn was doing.  She was so bummed that I had gone downstairs to do laundry, that she was opening the door to the basement to yell down a play-by-play of what was happening up here. 

Turns out there was a lion in my living room (also known as Sue, but trust me, she can be mistaken as a lion sometimes).  And the lion was sitting on my chair. And the lion said RRRRRRRoarrrrrr to her.  Oh, the lion said RRRRRoarrrrrr again.  Hey mama, the lion said RRRRRRoarrrrr to me again.

How many times in life am I going to have a lion in my house?   Probably not too many, so I decided to laugh at this one (and hope this lion decided not to be destructive). 

And Caitlyn has been in her Belle dress most of the day. I am not fond of them being in dress up clothes all the time, but again decided, how many times is Belle going to be in my house?  So I watched her spin and twirl through my house.  And didn’t insist she take it off for dinner. I just handed her a napkin to get the applesauce off it when it dropped off the spoon.  And took pictures.

Oh and during dinner I learned something very important, dragons are not nice.  Personally, I don’t have much experience with dragons, so it is probably a good thing my 3 1/2 year old is here to educate me on the social skills of a dragon.

I had also been looking around my house thinking, oh man, so many toys to clean up, laundry to fold and put away, aggghhh.  But again, some day, my house will not be full of kidlet clutter, and while it will be nice, I am gonna miss it.  So, I took some pictures of that too. 

Because someday, I’m gonna miss this!

Things mamas and daddys say and hear…Some Sunday Sillies

Okay, as a mom I often hear myself say things I never imagined thinking of or needing to say.  Then there are those quotables I never imagined:

“Don’t brush the dog with mommy’s brush”  (for those wondering, the answer was, “but he needs pretties”)

“Stop licking the dog, Sue”
“But he licked me.”
“Yes but you licked him first Sue!”

“Caitlyn, I don’t care what the potty says, you have to wash your hands!”

“Caitlyn, why did you peel the crayon?”
“His clothes were itchy, he said.”

From Caitlyn–“I pulled down my pants, my belt just went for a ride.”  (she explained when she realized she did not have to take off her belt)

“I’m not tired,” says Caitlyn as daddy carries her in from the car, where she fell asleep, to put her in bed.

Mama, to Caitlyn. “what’s your name today?”  We had about a month where some days her name was Miss Mingo and then it changed to Miss Ruby.  The other day she declared, “my name is Caitlyn now.”

Sue declared, after we told the girls a new baby was coming, “where’s the baby in my belly?”

The above is just a fun picture from last summer (ignore the date stamp).  I found this power wheels jeep at a yard sale for $10.  We just had to get batteries.  Caitlyn was tall enough to drive it, but is like her mama and a bit of a timid driver.  Sue, wanted so badly to drive it last year, but her legs just weren’t long enough.  I am sure she will be a speed demon this year now that she can drive!!!!!