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Kindergarten, The Red Dress Club Style

I have been seeing the twitter tag #trdc on another bloggers tweets for weeks and finally asked what it was.  It is a blog of a group of ladies who generate ideas, write and link up together.  What a great idea.  Who couldn’t sometimes use a thought starter for blogging???  So here I am, at the jumping off point to delve into my memories about kindergarten.

I remember I had the same teacher as preschool, Miss Brush.  I adored her.  She had dark brown or black hair.  And she was so sweet.  I remember playing with wooden blocks.  And having little wooden cubbies that stuff went into.  I cannot, for the life of me, remember if that is where we stored our stuff or if that is where toys went…

I remember learning to read.  My mom says I was reading at age 3.  I don’t remember that.  But when I was in kindergarten, the eye doctor decided my right eye was lazy.  So, I had to wear a patch over my eye every day.  It wasn’t like the cloth patches they have now for kids.  It was like putting a big band aid over that eye every day.  It even smelled like a band aid.  And it stuck like a band aid.  I dreaded having my mom take it off every night.  It pulled at my skin and hurt.  But it gave me one thing, the memory of learning to read.

You see, I do not have a lazy eye.  I have an eye that cannot follow letters and numbers to read.  With each glance or blink, the optic movements change and I see something different than I did with the last look.  This jumping makes it just about impossible for that eye to “read”.  It basically sees fuzzy shapes and colors.

And there were lots of those in my kindergarten classroom.  Some of those shapes and colors were exactly that, shapes and colors.  Miss Brush had big squares with the color names on them that hung from the ceiling.  One of those had a red border and said the word Red.  And one day I worked with that one crazy, not lazy, eye and it put together those three letters, R E D, and I got red.  I remember going home and being so excited, I read the word red.  I remember telling my mom and she was so proud.  Though I think a little sad because I had to work so hard at something I had previously done before the doctor took away my glasses.  But I didn’t have any of that sadness, I had only excitement, I Read!

What do you remember?  What could you write for RemembeRED?