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Stuffing it or Reframing it–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

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As I have mentioned, the doctor has correctly pinpointed that I stuff emotions.  I’m okay with accepting that, but now what?

It turns out I need to wean Patrice from nursing so the doctor and I can get more aggressive with treating the depression.  Trust me, that was a hard decision.

I cried and cried Thursday at work.  And then I started thinking.

I have been nursing or pregnant from November 2005.  I have been wearing nursing undergarments and nightgowns since August 4, 2006.  As of next week, I need to replace all these items with “regular” woman apparel.  And I am going to try a chocolate martini.

I changed how I am thinking about it, I reframed it…I think.

I’m sad about weaning Patrice, but I am a bit excited…

Am I stuffing it or reframing it?

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