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Wheeee It’s Meeeee

Wordless Wednesday

Halloween Fun

iPhone Photo Phun

Pre kids I swore I was not going to celebrate Halloween.  If I ever had a family, we would go out to dinner and ignore it otherwise.  Then I had kids.  And dressing them up was so fun and they were so cute…I caved.  We don’t dress up as witches because witches don’t love Jesus, and we do not celebrate the spiritual side of the holiday at all.   We dress up and we go trick or treating.  And we hand out candy.  This year we put John 3:16, For God so Loved the World He Gave His One and Only Son that Whoever Believes in Him will not Perish but have Eternal Life on full-size kit kat bars.  I pray this starts dialogue in some of the homes.

Without further ado, here is some of our cuteness from this year…

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Just Under the Wire–Handiwork Photos

iPhone Photo Phun

My phone keeps telling me it’s full and that I need to switch memory, but I don’t know how.  Yes, I have the manual.  I’ve been carrying it around with me for a week so I can look up how to change my memory.  Some day I’ll get it opened and then another day I’ll actually read it.  For now, I’m a little light on phone pictures, but I do have one for this week…

This is hubby’s handiwork. 

So my hubby is very handy and practical.  He and Caitlyn were having trouble with their shoes coming unglued…so he glued them last night.  This is what I saw after “surgery.”

Both declared their shoes well this morning and wore them for the day.  Hubby said tonight, “it worked!”

More of daddy’s handiwork

Patrice’s handiwork which will cause daddy to make a bookshelf at work tomorrow

Some of God’s handiwork.

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What handiwork have you seen lately?

Running in Beauty

iPhone Photo Phun
I went running tonight.  To one of my very favorite places.  It is an amazing park.  Breathtaking.  It is a place my hubby introduced me to last fall.  And what a gift it has been.  We went there a lot last fall.  It was one place I felt refreshed, free, safe as the postpartum depression and anxiety ravaged my mind and heart.  Hubby joked if I ever disappeared that’s where he would look for me.  He would be right.
It was a true joy to be there tonight, running physically, but not running from myself.  As fall hit over the last few weeks, I have struggled with some of the crushing feelings of last year coming back.  But thankfully, it has lightened the last week.  Tonight I just got to soak in the feel of running in a beautiful place.  At one point I was just feet from a deer that I startled; I got to see it sprint away from me.
Thank you Lord for the gifts of the beautiful weather, lovely colored leaves, being able to run, soaking it all in.
What is your healing place, where can you go to enjoy some moments of peace and quiet, places of beauty?

Goodbye Disposable Hello Cloth

Tons of Cuteness for Wordless Wednesday

We were so excited to get a visit from our cousin and aunt this summer.  It was a great day!!!

A Wordy Wordless Wednesday–Kicking a Habit

Patrice with grandma “2 Doggies” at her first birthday party

I am very proud of my mama.  I always am.  But recently she has given me another reason to be proud and has been part of my inspiration to make a hard change in my life. 

My mom has loved her pepsi for as long as I can remember.  Truly.  One of my earliest memories is waking up in the middle of the night sick and my mom running back and forth between my room and hers with a glass bottle of pepsi in her hands.  In the midst of me getting sick it got spilled on the carpet…anyway…

Over the years she switched from pepsi to diet pepsi.  I was not allowed to drink pop.  I was told, it was okay for adults and when I grew up I could drink it.  And I did, but I chose diet coke.

Love that stuff.  Seriously.

I heard from people over the years about it’s negative health impacts.  Some I believed, some I did not.  And that is still the case.  I thought about giving it up, but it was my one vice.  So I kept on.

But I recently watched my mom kick her multiple pops a day habit and achieve other great outcomes in her life. 

It got me to thinking.

Then a friend I trust shared how kicking her diet pop habit had helped her…and I was even more intrigued.  But man I didn’t want to give it up…so as a last ditch vote, I sent an e-mail to my midwife to get her opinion.  She said “in a perfect world I don’t think any of us should, or would drink it.”

Man, there went my out…

So yesterday I finished one last diet coke and haven’t had one since.

This change has me thinking about other healthy changes in my life.  But for right now, I am working on this one…we’ll see where it goes from there.

What health changes have you made?  How has it impacted your life?

Four Teeth and Know How to Use Them

It took several tries, but the girls and I finally made it to the farmer’s market.  We didn’t bring home as much as we did last year

 But we did get apples, potatoes and cherries.

Patrice now has 4 teeth, the bottom fronts have been through for a while, the top fronts just poked through, but she is not afraid to use them.  I originally had the big bag of apples on the floor in the kitchen, but every time I turned around I found Patrice gnawing on another one.  They are now safely out of her reach, but watching her work away at an apple is crazy amounts of cute!

My Loves

Sue being just a bit zany for Wordless Wednesday

Why do we even bother buying them toys?  All they need or want is a platic bag.
*No, she was not allowed to put it over her whole head
*Yes, it was taken away from her right after this picture because she violated the above guideline

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