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When the Sisters are Away…

The baby will PLAY!

*Please, oh please ignore the disaster in the room and just look at the cute baby!
Come share your photos at Motherhood Unadorned.

Wordless Wednesday Link Up

I am linking up over at

Better in Bulk

With this photo!

Check out others at Better in Bulk.  She has pictures of the two cutest babies (after Patrice of course!) ever!!!

She Should Be on the Big Screen

Now if we could figure out how to get the company to pay for the free advertising our little cutie did for them…I guess it wouldn’t be free then, but you know what I mean.

What other wordless fun is going on out there

Shopped Mercy–Loved What I Got!

I made my first purchase from the Mercy Shop and I LOVE what I found.  So does Patrice.  And our family doctor.  And I think you might too!

It says

And that works for me! 

Wordlessly…or close to it.