Another Day of Random Thoughts and Kid Quotes

When we introduced the idea of another baby to Caitlyn and Sue, we got them the Bearenstain Bears, New Baby book.  In it, Sister Bear punches Brother Bear in the nose the first time he meets his new little sister.  Apparently this idea stuck with Caitlyn.  The other day she leaned against my ever growing pregnant belly to give me a hug, then pulled away and said, “The baby punched me!”

Caitlyn also declared, to Sue, at some point during the day, “You are just the cutest thing!”

Sue, on the other hand, had this to say to Caitlyn, “I can share with you, but not very well.  Not very well.”
At least her self assessment is pretty accurate!

Sue is sometimes a stinker.  One of her newest found joys is to drive her older sister crazy.  Caitlyn is, for the most part, a very careful rule follower.  She takes them to heart and then takes on the responsibility of reminding people of the rules when they break them, and particularly, telling mommy when Sue breaks them.  One such rule is we do not say stupid and we do not say shut up.  Sue glories in breaking these rules.

One day a week or so ago, I found Sue standing in front of an open window that faces the driveway.  There were no people in our driveway, and the neighbors were not even home. But she is standing there saying, “[s]tupid, tupid, tupid, tupid, tupid” over and over.  I smiled and walked away (she did not know I was there or I would have corrected it).  She continued until Caitlyn came in the room.  She stopped as Caitlyn yelled, “Sue is saying stupid out the window to the driveway!”  I smiled again as I went on folding laundry.

Yesterday we went to a festival about 3 hours from our house.  It is one we have been wanting to go to for a few years, but it never worked out.  I know my days of comfortably doing all day outings are getting numbered as I reach the third trimester tomorrow (yay!), so off we went.  The morning started off raining here and at our destination, but it cleared up over there and was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

We saw lots of flowers–Caitlyn wanted to smell all of them, but tulips don’t really have a smell.
 And we played in the “jump jumps.”
And met “Hat the Cat” (doesn’t Caitlyn look thrilled?).  Sue loved it.  She had to go back to give him high five and cried when we did not go back a 3rd time!
Then we met up with some friends at the beach.  The very cold beach.  It is not quite beach weather here yet.  Oh well, they didn’t seem to mind and it was GREAT visiting our friends.

Daddy and the girls built a sand castle, while mama tried not to freeze. 

We drove back very late last night!  Due to the weather, and concerns over me overdoing it, we did not do the MS walk today.  We will wait on that until after the baby is born.  September 11 is the date, so if you were wanting to donate using my link under important links, there is lots of time for you to help me out!  And incidently, the walk we will do is back in the same town where we visited the beach yesterday!!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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