Biggest or Smallest Winners!

I have had this blog rolling around in my head for a while.  Let me start off by saying no one asked my opinion on this matter and no one is paying me a single cent…

A few seasons back, my hubby and I discovered the tv show “Biggest Loser.”  Now normally, we are not much for “reality” tv.  But this one grabbed our attention and is now the only show we intentionally watch every week. 

Why?  Because in some ways it hits home.  We both carry a few extra pounds, and I am not talking about the current baby pounds…and need motivation and inspiration to do something about it.

I personally have found Biggest Loser to be very motivational.  I feel extremely guilty if I have not exercised and I am watching the show.  Last week, I didn’t make it to the gym due to working late, so I did step aerobics for 30 minutes while I watched the contestants.  Pre-baby, I jogged during the show.  Now, at 28 weeks pregnant, jogging doesn’t have as much appeal…

We love to watch the transformations.  We love to see people go from just barely able to keep up with a 1/2 mile walk on day one, to truly a different person by the final 6…

Yes, we are well aware they are in a situation most of us are not.  Most of us do not have 6 hours a day to workout, or personal trainers, or nutritionists or medical supervision or the opportunity to focus so completely on our physical condition.

And does it happen the contestants go back to their old habits and regain weight? Yes, for some it does.  For all I know, maybe a significant number do.  But there are at least a few who do not.  And for those people, the show truly has made a huge difference.

It also can make a difference for people not on the show.  The Pound for Pound challenge they have started has helped many people, it gives them a goal to work toward while helping someone else.  Last season, I signed up to lose 15 pounds during the pound for pound challenge.  I didn’t quite make goal.  I lost about 10 pounds, but losing it not only helped me, but food was donated to food banks due to my hard work.

Beyond that, my workplace has added a similar program where people can sign up to participate in a weight loss challenge and for every pound lost, the company will donate 25 cents to a food bank, which equals about 1 pound of food.  Again, it benefits many people, those who need to change their eating and those who need the food to eat.  It is a win-win situation!

And again, maybe not everyone keeps the weight they lose off, but a few do.  The show may not solve our obesity problem in America, but if it helps just a few, doesn’t that matter?  It sure does.  We have to start somewhere.  So tonight, like many other Tuesday’s, I will start by making sure I go to the gym before the show and if I am still full of energy, I’ll do a few extra minutes of step aerobics while watching.

Here is me the day I earned my 100 workout shirt at the gym.  I was very proud to have earned it and even more so to be working out while pregnant.  I was almost 16 weeks along in this photo.  At 28 weeks, I can no long fit in the shirt, but I have it for when I can!!!  And will be well on my way to earning my 200 workout shirt.  I did not workout during my first two pregnancies.  I am thrilled to still be going to the gym, even though the intensity of workouts isn’t quite there, I still am!
Survive til you Thrive!

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