Reading a Minute at a Time

So, have I mentioned I have three little girls?  In case I have not, let me say it again.  I am the proud mama of three little girls.  Most of my reading is limited to the directions on how to put together a new toy or a book at bedtime.

But today I am going to try and tackle reading a book.  I want to read The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman.  I actually read it several years ago while my hubby and I were dating.  It was very interesting.  It described me, as an only child, very well.  And it described my hubby, who is the youngest, quite well.  As Dr. Leman notes in his book, if there are several years between siblings, a child can end up with characteristics for their number in the birth order and sometimes so things that seem like an only or first born child.  It was amazing to see how my hubby, who falls in that category, fit exactly what Dr. Lehman said. 
My favorite was the part where it said mom’s of last born sons would do well to find a first-born for him to marry.  (My hubby had not yet proposed and I wanted him to soooo badly!  I was looking for anything to reassure me.)

And all of this information is from my memory of reading this book 6+ years ago.

Now that I have three kids, who are in a birth order, it seems like it might be time to read it again.  Challenge #1 to this plan is to coral the aforementioned kids to get to the library to get the book…so stay tuned to see how the reading goes…

So got to the library…only one meltdown by Sue…okay, only one in the library, we won’t count the ones in the car…those will be our little secret.

Sue reading a book outside the library 9/16/10

But we got lots of books.  And I got an older copy of The Birth Order Book.  Now to read a bit at a time.

Caitlyn checking out what her book is all about 9/16/10

You can get it in paperback or as an e-book

734061: The Birth Order Book, Updated Edition The Birth Order Book, Updated Edition

By Dr. Kevin Leman / Revell

This updated edition of The Birth Order Book, a classic bestseller, offers key insights into how birth order affects personality, marriage and relationships, parenting style, career choice, and children. Paperback.

6523EB: Birth Order Book, The - eBook Birth Order Book, The – eBook

By Dr. Kevin Leman / Baker

Whether you’re the firstborn, a middle child, or the baby of the family, your place in line can influence who you are and what you do! Explore the effects of birth order on personality development, marriage, parenting style, and career. Dr. Leman’s bestseller will help you recognize, understand, and overcome negative tendencies shaped by family environment.

Survive til you Thrive!

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