A great giveaway on another blog

I found through someone else’s blog, this fun food blog called http://www.cookingforseven.com/.  She shows beautiful pictures of food she makes.  Sometimes with the recipe and sometimes without, but always breathtaking pictures.

She is currently hosting a giveaway for a great food scale that tells you the nutritional breakdown of the food.  You should check out this giveaway.  Click here to puruse the giveaway and enter if you wish.

My pictures will not be as lovely as hers, but I am thinking of making a blueberry pie today.  IF I do and IF it turns out, I will come back and put up some pictures for you.  While you are waiting for those pictures, check out these cuties…

First we picked the pumpkins (10/5/10)

Have fun!

Survive til you Thrive!

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