Boycotts, Do They Work?

What do you think of boycotts?  Do you think it matters to companies if you don’t buy their products?  I do.  I remember learning in high school economics class that each dollar I spend it a vote.  A vote that I can give to one company or another, it is solely at my discretion.  And that is before e-mail, social networking and blogging became such a big part of our everyday culture. 

Yesterday, via Twitter, I heard about a grassroots effort to get to remove an offensive book for pedophiles from their website and sales.  Within a few minutes of originally hearing about the book and the proposed boycott, I saw probably 10 more “tweets” about it, including information on how to contact the CEO by snail mail and e-mail to let him know what I thought of selling books “for” pedophiles.  And believe me, I sent an e-mail right away.

It seems almost daily I receive an e-mail from a group asking me to boycott a particular company for what they do support or have refused to support.  Some of them I agree with wholeheartedly, others I decide to, for lack of a better word, ignore.

But this one is one I am not going to let pass.  I prefer to use other websites, including  Here is just one link you can use to search them right from my page:

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Others I have not let pass are when companies tell their employees not to say Merry Christmas or refer to Christmas Trees as Holiday Trees. I mean, come on, that is just ridiculous.

I know from, not only that long ago economics class, but also from my job, that what we do and say with our money speaks to companies. And this is one area too where what I say matters. People hear your complaints about a company much more loudly than your compliments, though, they do hear both.

So let your voice be heard, write those letters, e-mails and tweets; and make sure you cast your economic vote. Let a company know you will not support what they are doing by writing, then follow through by spending elsewhere until you see a change.

You may not be able to change the “whole” world, but you can influence your corner of it!

Survive til you Thrive!

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