Even More Recent Projects

I have been going a little crazy with projects lately. You might have seen one of them, the photo book. I’ve done a couple of those. And otherwise I’ve done some sewing. I FINALLY figured out what I have been doing wrong when making skirts for the girls 🙂

Before you feel too bad for Patrice, she was happy as soon as the stroller started rolling

And here is a picture of little Miss Patrice getting ready to go running with mommy.  She is buried in projects from mama.  A snow sack I made when expecting Sue (my very first project on my own) and a wearable blanket I made originally for Sue, but she never really wore it.  I think Patrice might get more use of it jogging with me.

Here is daddy’s creation of a birthday cake for Sue (she will be 3 on Sunday).  Isn’t it awesome?!

And some sister love…

Survive til you Thrive!

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