Three Little Girls–Multitude Monday

This morning it was my privilege to wake up to my older girls climbing into bed with me.  With them joining Patrice and I, all us girls were snuggling in bed.  Caitlyn tucked herself next to me, Sue wriggled herself toward my feet.  Ahhh.  It’s not exactly the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, but it is one I love on occassion.  It reminds me how blessed I am.

Blessed.  That is the best word to describe me.  And today I want to begin the exercise of counting those blessings as part of

Yes, I found another blog hop to help me remember and recount the precious moments in my life.  Head on over to A Holy Experience to see what they, and many others, are thankful for.

1.  My precious Savior who never walks away and always draws me home.
2.  The amazing amazing husband the Lord brought me to when I had given up hope of finding a helpmate.
3.  Caitlyn, my 4 year old

Sue just makes me smile
Caitlyn is a wonderful big sister!

4.  Sue, my almost 3 yeard old
5.  Patrice, my 15 week old
6.  My wonderful midwife who invests herself so much in the women she cares for.  May she be abundantly blessed.
7.  Friends who stick by you no matter who wacky life gets

Survive til you Thrive!

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