What to Do with Holidays

I am still loving blog hops and this week I am hopping back to We Are That Family for Works for Me Wednesday.

What Works for Me this Wednesday?

My 5? Friday post led into a bit of a discussion on holidays and how we as  Christian parents “handle” them.  I thought I knew, before I had kids, what I was going to do if I ever had children.  I was NOT going to celebrate Halloween.  No Santa Claus and no Easter Bunny.

Here, I am 3 kids later, so how has that worked out for me?

My kids go trick or treating.  They want to know what Santa is bringing them.  So far so good on the Easter bunny though we do hunt for eggs.  We just don’t refer to how they got there.

Why may you ask have I gone back on everything?  Partly because I can not control every influence over my kids.  They have friends who celebrate all of those things.  They watch TV where all of those things come up and even books they see cover these topics as well.

So instead of banning things, we choose items within them that need addressed.  For example, we do not watch shows with witches at Halloween nor do the girls dress up as witches.  And this year we figured out a very basic, understandable explanation for them.  We don’t watch or celebrate witches because witches don’t love Jesus.

As for Santa Claus, we consider him something fun at Christmas time, but not the focus.  As I commented in my post on Friday, we have found a cute board book to help us explain Saint Nicholas was a real person, but Jesus is who we celebrate at Christmas.  I included a link to the book on Christianbooks.com for those who might find this resource useful.

I found a similar book for my girls called What is Easter by Michelle Medlock Adams.  It talks in simple kid language about all of the things we see at Easter, the bunny, the pretty clothes, and gives them their place, but focusses on Jesus as the real reason.  This one is not currently available on Christianbook.com, but many amazing resources are.  In case I have you thinking about Spring, here is a place to search for items you might find useful.

Easter Search

In looking for the Easter Books, I found a couple I might have to get my hands on for Thanksgiving.

But that is what Works for Me this Wednesday. Hop, pun intended, on over to We Are That Family to see what works for others this Wednesday.  Really, you have got to see her WFMW post.  You will thank me.

Survive til you Thrive!

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