A Few Random Musings

I am not full of answers right now, I am more of a gloomy guss, truth be told, so today I just have questions.

Why must we hurt?  I am in the best time of my life with three perfect little girls and the postpartum depression and anxiety threaten to overtake me.

Why must we cry?  I cry but it brings no relief so then I just feel spent and stupid.

I wish there was more, but that is what I have right now.  What are you thinking about for Thought Provoking Thursday?

 I started to push publish, but that is not quite all there is on my heart.  In the midst of struggles, I am thankful for

Glimpses of spring
Text, e-mail and Twitter friends
A lovely daughter who loves to do chores with mama
Little girl smiles and giggles
Ruffle butt baby jeans

What are you thankful for?

Survive til you Thrive!

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