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Life With Baby Donut
I did not do anything as cool as Rach, who went to a Crybaby Matinee, but it was quite a week.

1.  We talked about triggers during #ppdchat on Monday.  It was well timed because this week was full of them for lots of us ppd mamas.

2.  I had a big fat anxiety attack on Tuesday but I managed to persevere and not give into the terror overwhelming me.

3.  Thursday I read a news article that I shouldn’t have and ended up losing it for a little bit.  Thank you to Lauren who called me and talked me down.

4.  Once I calmed, I wrote this post about getting help for postpartum depression and having a plan.  It got featured on as a Warrior Mom post.

5.  I also did a guest post over at Motherhood Unadorned about my parenting choices.

6.  I made a blueberry pie today.  That may not sound like much, but last year, when the postpartum anxiety was at it’s highest, I made a blueberry pie with my oldest.  It was a desperate attempt to survive a particularly painful day.  I cried a lot while we made that pie.  I was a little worried that making one today would flood me with too many memories, but it didn’t. It was just fun.

7.  All in all, this week was full of wins!

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