Taking a Deep Breath–201-215

What a week it was.  The ups and downs of postpartum depression and anxiety continue, but Glory to God, even on the rough days there are hours of good.  Hours, not moments, hours.  And during the rough, there is help and support.  There continues to be a loving midwife/friend who answers my e-mails, wonderful mamas on twitter, #ppdchat, who check in, answer my calls for help, bloggy mamas who took time on their blogs to share encouragement for a tough anniversary this weekend, friends who hug you close and celebrate getting to know you during the hardest year of your life.

201.  Really accessible doctors for when pink eye whips through the girls.

202.  Freedom of saying, I can’t do this.

203.  Hubby who steps in at that point.

204.  Repairing cloth diapers.

205.  Welcoming new babies.

206.  Patrice taking her first independent steps at 14 months and 23 days.

207.  Life is Good shirt to celebrate a hard anniversary.

208.  Words of affirmation from hubby.

209.  Bloggy world hugs.

210.  Twitter hugs.

211.  People with skin on them hugs.

212.  Pictures from school events that I can’t attend.

213.  Sleeping babies.

214.  Listening ears.

215.  Baking pies and cookies.

Survive til you Thrive!

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