Books, Books Everywhere!

James and Jax Weekend Reading blog hop

I love books.  My family loves books.  My husband says I have a library.  He’s not far off.

Then I had kids.  I have been buying children’s books since before I met my husband and kept all of mine from growing up.

I buy the girls books. my family buys the girls books.  They have books.  Lack of books have never been a problem.  Storage is a whole different situation.  We haven’t had room for all our books since Caitlyn was first born…

Until today…

I have done very little reading this week, but I did buy a new book, one on how to lower your cholesterol.  I feel so old…but I found out this week that my LDL cholesterol is high…Ugh.

What have you been reading?

Survive til you Thrive!

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