Torn, Which Blog Hop to Do?

You all know how much I love

This lovely lady and her great blog hop were a lifeline when I was searching for reasons to hang on during the depths of postpartum depression and anxiety.  It is now my privilege and honor to pray for her family as they walk an extrememly hard journey of brain cancer with their eldest son.  Every week I think of pictures I can post, even when Ali is, understandably, unable to post. 

And this week I actually wanted to post one from LAST Thanksgiving that popped up on our computer earlier this week.  Tpo bad I can’t find it…sigh.  I will find it and I will post it, I promise…

Here are some sweet ones…

And then I stumbled upon this blog and her fun hop.  I love the idea of linking up some of my posts that got overlooked….

Top 5 Posts:

1.  Our Cozy Kitchen

2.  More Thankfulness

3.  Cider Mill Snapshots

4.  Fall Thankfulness

5.  Super Birthday Fun

Head on over and see what others have in their blog!

Survive til you Thrive!

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