Spring is Sprung–In February The Thanks March on… 321-330

This morning the familiar anxiety gripped me as I headed to work.  Would I get chewed out today?  Would I screw up a project again?  Would l lose an important piece of information?  Would I be able to answer questions posed to me?

The knots.  The hiding in the bathroom to cry or try to breathe.

But I made it.

Only a few tears.  I could answer the questions.  I found all the files I needed.

This afternoon I even got to breathe…to feel a bit of lightness.  It was 50+ degrees here in the not-so-frozen mitten.  In February.

I don’t know if the weather is why I got to relax a bit, or because my medications are getting to the right levels, but I’ll take it no matter what the reason.

I am so thankful.

321 (60).  Running and walking with my 5 year old.

322 (61).  Hearing her use the word similar correctly.

323 (62).  Talking about dinosaurs, wholly mammoths.

324 (63).  Hubby teaching oldest how to tell time on a toy he played with as a child.

325 (64).  The peaceful music on A Holy Experience.

326 (65).  Having friends tell me they see me as a warrior mom.  Having other mamas agree with her!  Ladies, you will never know how much I appreciate that.  Wow.

327 (66).  Being able to laugh at the baby drinking water from the toilet.

328 (67).  Getting to see Beauty and the Beast in the movie theater with my girls.

329 (68).  Making pie with and for my girls.

330 (60).  Sue being her normal funny self:

“What kind of pie do you want mommy to make for you, peach or cherry?”


So mama makes the pie.  Sue eats the crust, leaving all the cherries.

“I don’t like the cherries.”

“Then why did you tell mama to make a cherry pie?”

“Oh, give me another piece and I’ll see if I like the cherries that time.”


Survive til you Thrive!

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