Life Lessons–New Medication Style

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The last couple weeks have been unique until themselves.  After my latest downturn, the doctor and I decided to up one of my medications.

1.  I was already dealing with some side effects from it, but was feeling some better on it.

2.  I was prepared for more side effects, or so I thought.

3.  I’ve been on powerful medications with strong side effects before.

4.  Nothing could surprise me when it comes to medications, or so I thought.

5.  I was wrong.

6.  If it weren’t for friends encouraging me, I would not have made it through a very rough 5 days as my body adjusted.

7.  I was so restless I was pretty sure I was coming out of my skin.

8.  I sat and cried a big ugly cry at my desk at work.

9.  I hid in the bathroom and waited for the emotional hailstorms to pass.

10.  I made it to the other side.

11.  How I feel right now was totally worth the side effects.  This is the clearest I have been able to think since before my pregnancy with Patrice.

12.  I am forever indebted to several people for getting me through the medication adjustment.

And somewhat related,

13.  Hugs make a great day, perfect.

Survive til you Thrive!

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