Ten Random Things About Me

When you’re not sure what to blog…Go Random…

1.  I am 4 ft 9 1/2 inches tall.  Yup, I am shorter than you 🙂

2.  I have never dyed my hair.  I’m too vain.  I am proud my hair is still as blonde as it is and had a lady tell her hairdresser, “I want her color.”

3.  My music choices are very eclectic.  I love classic hymns, P!nk, Kenny Rogers, Florence + the Machine, musicals, Coldplay.  My daughters now dance and know the words to “Raise Your Glass” (clean version).

4.  My hubby is my dream spouse.  I might whine at times, but he is my prince charming.

5.  I have an English degree, used to be an Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired, missionary and sold Pampered Chef.  One of my first jobs was counting worms for a bait shop.

6.  I bought a horse when I was 13.  Sold it when I was 14.  Bought a 1o speed bike.

7.  I know how many CDs/games you can put in a Wii console before it breaks.  Yup, 4.  Getting them all out does not guarantee it will work.  Final results pending.

8.  I am addicted to social media, ie twitter and blogging.  Seriously,  I check it if I wake up at night.  It always makes me smile to get a blog comment, though I am glad to have a plug in that now controls the spam.

9.  I am learning a lot from social media about how different people can be and still care about, even love each other.  I have to say my world was pretty small before twitter.  Most of the people in my life thought like me, acted like me, believed like me.  That is no longer the case, and that is okay.  Thank you for opening my eyes.

10.  My youngest mimics daddy and tries to talk in slow motion like he does when trying to be funny.  And she does a killer lion noise that starts with a great growl.



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