Developing our Rhythm

Six years ago, right now, I was doing some of the hardest work of my life.  My hubby was working right alongside me.

We were developing our rhythm as we labored together to bring our oldest, Caitlyn, into the world.

I would lay down and relax in between contractions, but as soon as one hit, I sat up and grabbed my hubby’s hands.  I needed him with me as my body rocked with the power of bringing her to us.

Her labor, including pushing, was 25 1/2 hours.  You know what I really love about my husband?  If you ask him, labor was 36 hours.  What’s not to love about a husband who gives you even more credit than you deserve?!

The amazing thing?  That was 6 years ago!  We have had our precious Caitlyn with us for 6 years.

And my heart hasn’t lost any of the awe that someone knows me as mama.

Though that little girl has changed a lot.

That, riding that bike with no training wheels, is my baby. (and before you freak out, she is getting a new bike helmet for her birthday later today).

I am so proud to call that amazing girl mine.

We found our rhythm as parents as we labored to bring her into this world, and we continue to find our rhythm as parents as she hits every milestone.

Welcome to the monumental age of 6 my dear Caitlyn.

Survive til you Thrive!

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