Now That It’s Over

I’ll say here on my blog that the girls and I have been on our own since Thursday night. Daddy had to travel for a family wedding.

Daddy never travels. Daddy is never gone. So this was big. Really big.

Friday I had to do pick up from school which had me tied in knots I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. I only did pick up last year like once. And this year is different with one in kindergarten and one in 1st grade. I left work in plenty of time. I got there with time to spare. I could get comfortable in my space before I had to hunt down kids. And I had forgotten Sue would know daddy’s routine. She was a big help.

Saturday us girls went to the hair salon and the big girls got trims and cuts as necessary. Patrice was fascinated, just watching the process. Then we went shopping and to a birthday party. I was nervous about that too. I didn’t want anybody thinking I couldn’t handle my kids. But I think we did okay.

Today was church and Bible Club. I was going to try to take them to lunch, but we ended up with fast food drive thru. Then to review our Bible verses and invite a friend to go to Club with us and back in the car to head to church.

Caitlyn said it best “I’m exhausted”

But I did it. WIth lots of emotional support from friends, but I did it, only crying once because I missed my hubby. And by tonight I’ll admit I’m glad I am no longer solo. I am relaxing and recharging thanks to my hubby being home.

Survive til you Thrive!

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