Still Not Much to Say

I can’t link up with my beautiful friend Kim today for Secret Mommyhood Confessions.  She is in the hospital getting better.  And I am so proud of her.  That, going to the hospital, is a crazy hard decision to make.  Again, I am so proud of her.

I am still struggling myself.  We have tweaked my medication.  They have until Monday to work and then we try something new.  We have upped others to help me get through the weekend. Thankfully I am feeling okay with the upped doses of anti-anxiety meds.  If you see me, I might look a little drunk, but it’s okay by me. If this doesn’t do it the doctor says my next step is the hospital.

Won’t you lift up my friend Kim who has made this hard step?  We are pulling for you.  Get better for you, Chunky and you hubby, as well as all of us who love you.


Survive til you Thrive!

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