A Heavy Heart

I know I am not alone in this world of hurt and confusion.  Yesterday’s events at an elementary school have touched, scarred many of us.

I have two little girls in school.  They are in first grade and kindergarten.  I was at their school yesterday during the horrific events a few states away.  Without even knowing what was happening, I wanted to grab them up and bring them home.

But I left them at school.

I came home to the news.

So many lives destroyed.

I can’t stop thinking about the Christmas shopping those moms and dads had likely done.  Gifts that will never be opened.

We told the girls very vaguely what had happened yesterday.  And then we prayed for the families.

I wondered how I would ever send my girls to school again.  How to ever let them be away from me again.

Today I still wonder.

I hold them close.

And maybe let them get away with a little more then usual.


I love you girls!

Survive til you Thrive!

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