My Christmas Story

Money is tight with me home and not working now.  People have been so good to us.  We have definitely learned the value of community and we feel so loved.

And we are working hard to stretch each dollar.  Especially with Christmas coming.  And three little girls who don’t understand money, or lack thereof.

I have been scouring for good deals.  Facebook and Twitter have been great sources of information.

Right after Thanksgiving I saw on facebook that a friend had made a purchase from a Michigan based work-at-home mom.  It was a great deal.  5 tutus and a dozen hair bows for $10.  I jumped at it and paid her via paypal right away.

Days went by.  I saw her posting on facebook that other orders were shipping.  My name never showed up.  I waited patiently.

Until this week.

I posted a note on her facebook wall.  No answer.

I sent her a facebook note.

I got back a note that she was sorry, but could not get the supplies and would either refund my money or give me credit.

Notice, she did not contact me.  I had to contact her.  Twice.

I was so upset I started crying.  Sobbing.  In sadness and anger.  How dare her not contact me.  How dare her leave me hanging.  How dare her leave such a hole in my Christmas shopping.  The little I get to do.

I posted on facebook a status about my frustration.  And a couple tweets on twitter.  Not expecting anything.  Just needing an outlet.

I really didn’t expect a solution.

And yet within a couple hours, one of my mama friends on twitter had organized people to make three tutus and some hair bows.  People reached out and loved on us.  Women I have never seen face to face.  Loved us.

And that love, is my Christmas Story.


Survive til you Thrive!

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