Yes I Love

I have been home full-time now for about 6 weeks.

I love how Patrice now follows me around and looks for me (instead of daddy).

I love being here for her speech therapy.

I love being able to take her to the gross motor skills play group last week.

I am even growing to like picking up the older girls at school.

I love that I could be home with Sue last week when she was sick.

But it’s not all roses and sunshine.

The transition from working full-time has been hard.  I miss having something to talk about when my husband comes home.  He doesn’t exactly want to hear about how I washed diapers today or what is happening on facebook and twitter.

The worrying about finances is excruciating.  Though we are so thankful for our Church and friends who have helped.  I worry every day about what we will do when the holidays are over and people forget our needs.

I hate that I have to find a new psych doctor.  Like cry every time I think about it hate it.  But you better believe I am so thankful we have medical insurance.

Life is a mixed bag right now.  It’s hard.  And things are slipping a little bit for me.  But I am not alone.  I have my wonderful hubby and three girls.  I have friends, I have my church and I have my faith.

Survive til you Thrive!

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