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We’re Awash in Peer Pressure

Okay, when you think of peer pressure, what comes to mind?  Drugs, alcohol, skipping school, refusing to take baths?  What, that last one wasn’t on your list?  Well, you better add it.  It caused quite the commotion here last night.

Caitlyn has this very nice friend from the neighborhood.  She is a few years older, but I really like her.  She is a good influence and joy to be around.  At least I thought so until yesterday…

About a month ago, she told Caitlyn that when you take a bath you are sitting in your own dirt.  Guess who refuses to take anything but showers now?  You got it, Caitlyn.

And normally I don’t care.  I’ll tell you, for your daily dose of TMI, I am a shower girl.  I started taking them when I was younger than Caitlyn.  I grew up in a house built in 1900.  They weren’t big on indoor plumbing at that time, so my dad had to add that when he bought it.  Thankfully they were big on large closets. Apparently in 1900 you could pee outside but your clothes must have lots of space in the closet.

Anyway, back to the bathroom.  There were big closets, so he made one into a bathroom, but it just had a shower stall.  He also put a tub in at one point but there were always issues with it, so it rarely worked.  My dad agreed with Caitlyn’s friend, he always said baths were disgusting because you were sitting in your own filth.  All this equaled me becoming a shower girl.

Like I said, I don’t normally care that Caitlyn is following in my footsteps.  But yesterday we tie dyed shirts.  I had gloves for the girls, but as you might imagine, dye managed to get other places, so last night I wanted the girls to marinate in the tub for awhile.

Caitlyn was truly distraught.  She just stood there until I forced her to sit down.  And then she cried the entire time.  She escaped as soon as she could.  Still crying.  When I went into her room to check on her, all of her hair was bone dry.

“Um, did you wash your hair honey?”


“Why not?”

(cue more tears and sobs)

“I didn’t know I was supposed to wash my hair.”

(cue me shaking my head)

“Caitlyn, how long have  you been taking baths and showers?  Don’t we ALWAYS wash our hair?”

More crying.

“Why are you crying?”

“Because I didn’t know I was supposed to wash my hair.”

At this, I had to walk out so I didn’t laugh in her face.  I’m laughing just typing it…

My dad would love this!!!!!  He would laugh and laugh and laugh.  I can hear his deep rolling laugh.  Hearing his laugh in my heart makes me laugh and smile even harder.  It makes the craziness of the bathtub peer pressure easy to bear.

But be warned moms and dads…that bathtub peer pressure is lurking around every corner…just wait until it hits your home!!!

2013-08-27 14.50.02Here’s hoping the finished product, to be unveiled in half an hour, turns out well enough to be worth last nights’ hullabaloo!


The Goings Ons

It has been a crazy two weeks around here.  Crazy I tell you.

I ended up in the hospital on Caitlyn’s birthday and was there until the night before Patrice’s birthday.  Besides some tears at the end of a hospital visit from Caitlyn, I think the girls have come through it ok 🙂  I on the other  hand am facing more tests and a severely restricted diet.  I am living on nutritional shakes.  But that’s not very fun.  I’d rather share pictures from our girls birthdays and party.


Caitlin went on Pinterest and searched for birthday breakfasts and found this waffle recipe.  I was sick as all get out but got them made…

When daddy got home we went for dinner and bowling.




Then it was time for cake…

IMG_20130813_29I was too sick by this point to take pictures of her opening presents but did get a few of the cake.  This is my favorite!

Then, after a few days in the hospital, it was time to celebrate with Patrice.  We didn’t do near as many fun things due to me still being really sick, but hopefully she won’t look back and feel short changed.

IMG_20130813_31 IMG_20130813_39She wanted a candle in her waffles like Caitlyn had (hers were store bought toaster waffles–sorry kid)




Then, a few days later it was on to the birthday party.

IMG_20130813_82It came down to Sue and Logan for musical chairs.

IMG_20130813_84With Logan coming out on top.

And we had a pinata, which may have caused me to accidentally turn Patrice into a homicidal maniac.  We bought a Dora pinata when Sue was her age.  Then hubby said, what if it freaks her out when we knock the head off?  We never used it.  I thought I would avoid this problem so I told Patrice a few days before the party, “now when we do the pinata, we’ll have to knock Dora’s head off to get the candy, ok?”  It totally did not freak my kid out.  She spent the next four days asking when we were going to “knock Dora’s head off?’  Countless times.  The day after her party we were at church and one of the Sunday School workers asked if she had a party.  Patrice said, “yeah, knocked Dora’s head off.”  You should have seen the horror on the teachers’ face.

I’m so proud…


And of course there was cake made by Casserts.


And at the end of it all, daddy was the pied piper of bikes as he lead the neighbor kids home.



It was a great celebration.  We love our girls so much.  It is so hard to believe my baby is 3 and my big girl is 7.  Wow.

Thank you to all who helped make our days great and helped while I was out of commission.  Prayerfully my girls will be no worse for the wear.


Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago right now I was being told at the midwife office that I needed to go to the hospital and have my baby now…


And I hated the thought.

But my liver enzymes were elevated, I was spilling protein, and my blood pressure was somewhere in the stratosphere.

I was there alone.

I had gone just to drop something off and asked them to check my blood pressure.

Hubby was not there.  He was oblivious at work.

Not for long…