Diving In With All Our Senses

Caitlyn and Sue have a pretty set program with our homeschooling curriculum.  Well, let me back up…Caitlyn has a set program.  We are adjusting Sue’s to meet her and our needs.  We are spending lot of time with hands-on activities.  Next week we are going to start working on reading about unicorns.  I think that will grab her attention and help with the reading.

All that to say, I have a plan with them.  Patrice is a little bit of a different story.  I set her up each day with listening to her Bible memory verses and a preschool program, but that only lasts so long.  The other day I realized she was spending all of our school time, on-line.  I am monitoring what it is, so I know the content is good, but she’s 3.  She does not need a lot of screen time.

Yesterday we did some coloring worksheets, but did I mention she is three?  That didn’t keep her engaged for long.

I’ve been seeing a lot on Pinterest, oh my lovely friend, about sensory boxes.  So I am trying my hand on them.  We bought three plastic boxes on clearance and I started looking.

Awhile back the older girls and I dyed rice.  It was a hit and easier than it sounds.  The jars of it we made are still on the back of the stove and the girls refuse to give them up.  But talk about a great sensory activity for Patrice, so later today we are going to dye more, just for her.

But in the meantime, I couldn’t sleep this morning, so I started looking on Pinterest…again. And I found a sensory bin using epsom salt and other items I actually had on hand. Go here for the full instructions.

My Epsom salt was hard as rock, but with a little convincing it became the base of our bin.  Patrice woke up while I was putting it together and got in on the fun.

We used a 3 pound box of Epsom Salt, a liberal helping of pink glitter, some florist rocks I bought earlier this week and left over gems we had from their birthday party craft.

Patrice didn’t stay interested but I bet her sisters will like them and that will get her checking it out again.

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Survive til you Thrive!

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