A Dose of Rambling

So, this has been a week.  It’s only Tuesday you say?  Yeah, well, it’s still been a week.

As I mentioned previously, things have gotten a little rough on the mental health front.  But I got through the weekend knowing I had an appointment with the psych today.  It had been confirmed via e-mail, letter and phone call.  So yesterday, my phone rang.  It was her office.  I expected them to be confirming again.

Wrong.  Oh so wrong.

There was a scheduling error, they needed to reschedule me for NOVEMBER 25.  More than a month away. Yeah.  NO.  Oh no.  I might have gotten a little disgruntled on the phone with the office.

She said she’d have the nurse call me.

Her solution?  To fit me in NEXT week.  Again no.  She said, “well I am shortening someone else’s appointment to fit you in.”

“But you’re not doing me a favor.  By giving me a new appointment.  I scheduled one for tomorrow.  And that’s when I need to be seen.”

Suddenly she found a new appointment for today.

I hate being obnoxious, but see, I don’t come to see the psych for giggles and grins.  I make those appointments when I have a need.

And by this morning, I REALLY needed that appointment.  My brain was telling me cruel things.  And the anger.  Oh the anger.

We have added in a medication.  I’ve  been on it before and it works.  I’d rather not be on it as it does make me a bit drugged and the initial side effects are humdingers, but I need to be the best me I can, so I gladly picked it up from the pharmacist who LITERALLY knows me by sight.  He doesn’t ask me my name, just if I am picking up for me.

I like him.

Then we headed on to Christmas pictures.  It’s early, yup, but dude this Groupon is totally worth it.

Here’s a picture I snapped with my phone while the photographer stepped away.

2013-10-22 15.55.46

And I have to brag on my Caitlyn today.  Hubby and I forgot to put out the garbage this morning.  I heard the truck coming but couldn’t get to the garbage…

Caitlyn saw the garbage wasn’t out and ran to put it at the curb in her pjs, without being asked or told!  Of her own volition.  This mama is PROUD!!!!  Super proud.

Survive til you Thrive!

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