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All That Glitters…

My girls and I dig Pinterest.  Like whoa.  I am on board for just about any project they want to do.

Recently, Caitlyn saw one for making a sprinkler using a pop bottle.  It stuck with her…and suddenly I found she had gone and done it.

2013-10-02 15.08.54Here’s a pin to inspire.

Her plan went superbly.

One of my recent ones did not.

This image is from

glitter pumpkin


Now let me say, these are NOT the original instructions I saw.  Mine had an orange pumpkin and said you should use spray glue and Epsom salt to make a glittery pumpkin.  I cannot find that pin for the life of me.  The above picture came with much better instructions.

But they were not enough to save our pumpkin…

2013-10-12 17.52.38


No glitter, just glump.

Two days later it was still falling off and looking more and more dismal.  Hubby took a hose to it so we can start with a clean pumpkin canvas.  I think this will be the one that gets the drill carving!

Please tell me I am not alone in my Pinterest Fails!!!!


Saturday Snapshots–Noah’s Ark Style

I am making a return to my blog with a little prompting from An Ordinary Mom.

We went to a Fun Friday for homeschoolers this week.  And fun it was.  The girls got to play in a gynormous gym and then we checked out a visual representation of Noah’s Ark.  There was not enough lawn to show the whole size of it, but they were able to show half the size to give the kids an idea of how, well, gynormous the ark was.

And they got to dress up as animals.  What’s not to like?

2013-10-11 13.43.39 2013-10-11 14.12.08 2013-10-11 14.22.11 2013-10-11 14.52.47 2013-10-11 14.53.03 2013-10-11 14.54.18 2013-10-11 14.57.41

And then the girls came home and did a building project with daddy…

2013-10-11 17.15.27

Here’s two side notes:  Sue declared today she loves homeschooling (yay!) and homeschooling requires you to meet a lot of people and be friendly to a lot of people.  Sometimes that is hard.  Just sayin’.