The Many Facets of the Day…

I realized this weekend Caitlyn was not being challenged enough by our homeschool curriculum.  The reading and vocabulary get her, but there is very little copy work and the math is well, Easy Peasy!

So, I set about making some changes during my lesson planning Sunday.  I found some of what I needed, got great feedback from friends and teachers…and got overwhelmed.  And realized I needed to restart one of my meds I decided I should go off because of the stomach issues.

Monday I woke up hopeful.  And then the girls joined me at 7 am.  They were wired and I realized the day was going to be a little more challenging than I had hoped.

We started with a great Christopher Columbus unit.  I have to say I just found out it is hip to bash Columbus.  And while I’m aware he had shortcomings, that wasn’t the focus I was going for.  So, I tried to make it truthful and age appropriate.

Then we moved on to several other items.  And I mean it when I say several.  I realized I might have overshot the planning when I told Caitlyn I was going to glue her butt to the stool.

It was not a stellar day.  I finally called it after lunch.  I ate breakfast at 11 am and finally showered at 1 pm…

Patrice fell asleep after several trips to her room for LOVELY 3 year old behavior.  The moment I knew I was WINNING at parenthood?  I heard her yelling from her room, “I only like daddy.  I don’t like mommy.”  FYI, the day before, I was her best friend.  Guess I can’t derive my value from what a three year old thinks of me.

I knew that nap was going to bite me in the rear, but after the day she had, I was not waking her up!!!  No way, no how.

2013-10-14 16.52.56


Of course, in her life, that means if she sleeps during the day, she doesn’t sleep at night.  So, do you take the fussing more or pay later when she is a little night owl?

I have to say I ran away.  I had to run two errands.  Hubby had the girls out back, so I got in the car and drove away.  I texted him from the end of the street that I ran away and joined the circus, dinner was waiting in the oven.

And I enjoyed my errands.  I came home, she was awake, and I was rejuvenated.  Time to do pinterest crafts, right?

2013-10-14 20.49.52

Hubby cut the hole in the pumpkin, Caitlyn helped him get the vase in there, Sue and I arranged the flowers (with lots of help from daddy!)

And then on to preparing the wire form for our Candy Cane Volcano.

2013-10-14 21.04.56

Then everybody, except Patrice and I went to bed.  It was after all, bedtime.

But my buddy was wide awake.  We rocked and chatted.  Then I said I had to go mop the floor, with hopes she’d settle down.

No such luck.

She wanted to help.  And truth be told, it turns out she is a pretty good mopper.  But the end fell off my dollar store mop.  We kept putting it back on, but gave up.  I didn’t realize how sharp it was without that stupid piece of plastic.  And there was an area I had to scrub on the floor.  She still wanted to help.  She grabbed the end of the mop.  I kept scrubbing, and hit her in the chin.  And cut it open.

2013-10-15 07.59.39


She cried, I cried and what sucks more?  This picture is of her this morning, so her lovely cut will be immortalized in pictures forever (I’d reschedule but it is a groupon that expires Thursday…wait, maybe we could do it Thursday, you know, since we homeschool.  Does anyone think her chin would look better by then????).

She says her chin hurts a little bit…my heart hurts a lot.


Survive til you Thrive!

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